DOVO XL STROP, Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood AB

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  1. $75 Dovo XL 3 1/8" Russian Type Leather Strop.the Superior Shave has these for $124 and they're frquently out of stock.I used this strop 3 times, and noticed I was scuffing it a bit at a small section..I've decided since I'm very new to straights, to sell it and buy a cheaper strop to learn on, rather than ruin a beautiful strop....its in great shape, I posted pictures, with one of the scuffing, which cover a small area, about 8mm...

    $27- SOLD***** Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Aftershave Balm...90% Full.......

    All prices include shipping CONUS only

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  2. More photos. $IMAG0329-2.jpg $IMAG0332-1.jpg $IMAG0334-1-1.jpg $IMAG0335.jpg
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  3. nice looking strop....with ust using the SS price you quoted you may be better off getting an IL strop for like 40 and hanging on to this one once you have the hang of it! just a thought
  4. I think I want to get a SRP modular paddle, this way if I mess it up. I can just buy another leather replacement piece down the road......
  5. good call i just picked one of those up and love it!

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