Dovo with running leaf scales

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  1. hey folks,
    here's the latest off the bench today.
    Nice Dovo with nickle scales and black enamel.
    Brass pinning.

    enjoy :biggrin1:
  2. A thing of beauty for sure.
  3. ridiculous attention to detail and quality as usual....
  4. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  5. Very Nice work. Your attention to detail really sets your work apart!
  6. That pattern looks great.
  7. Nice work!
  8. I really love your work, man. Really original and very well done. Another great razor!
  9. JPM


    Wow, those scales are incredible!
  10. Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! For some reason, the first thing popped into my mind is Chris Reeve knives with their wonderful artwork and colors. And I mean that in the most complimentary way!
  11. Amazing work of art! :thumbup:
  12. Awsome scales!

    If I may ask, how is the black and nickel contrast created? It appears as though you have two layers of metal, if that is the case that is some damn intricate metal cutting. Awsome scales. There I said it twice one for each side. :thumbup1:
  13. I think the best response here is...


    Once again, AMAZING work, :thumbup:
  14. Amazing artwork, you must get a hell of a feeling from producing these
  15. Thanks!
    Yes there are two layers. The top layer it the pierced layer with this pattern. Then they are soldered together and filed true. The black is an epoxy enamel the is then inlayed and allowed to cure.

  16. I definately do. :w00t: It depends on how a project is going as to which feeling I'm dealing with. :tongue_sm
  17. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    Love it. Looks like Terminators blade, Is that from the near future?
  18. Very nice! Your scales are amazing!
  19. I can barley fathom the tension in the air when you get to the leaf detailing, "Is the phone unplugged, has the door been locked, is there a chance of an airplane flying over head, is my Venus fly trap okay?"

    For something that I believe is hand crafted/marked the scaling in the design is hell of an accurate, you will have to excuse my accent coming through there.

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