Dovo or Parker shavette?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm about to purchase a shavette for travel and would like your opinions. I have been considering the dovo and the Parker. I would love to have a feather ac but can't afford it at the moment. I also like the fact that you have more blade options with the dovo and Parker razors, especially the dovo which accepts 3 different size blades. So between the dovo and Parker which do you prefer? Which will be closer to the feel of a real straight? Is the feather that much better? What's your favorite de blade for the shavette?
  2. The Parker is the one being recommended most often, better buildt than the Dovo.
    I have the Parker SRW and it very nice, especially considering what I paid, $24 with 120 blades. The Sharks SS it came with seems quite good, but I've used mine with Feathers as well. Which of course is quite sharp :wink:
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    Yes, Feathers are way better made than shavettes, but the resulting shaves are equally close in my experience with a feather and a parker.
  4. Neither

    Just buy a full steel Miraki which is awesome and way cheaper than feathers. Its blades are just perfect for shavette shaving. Not crazy sharp, actually one may think they are dull at first use, but after washing your face, you will know the mening of smoothness. It uses long blades, but with dovo's red blade holder you can also use regular double edge blades too, though standard miraki blades are already awesome.

    You have 250 bucks buy Kai excelia, 100 bucks buy feather, dont have much then buy Miraki, period.
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    There are several options for traveling with a "real" straight razor. Why wouldn't you just do that? I'm off overseas for a month shortly. I'll be taking a travel strop, a barber hone sized CrO on balsa, and I haven't decided between a shorty or just a Gold Dollar.

    Regardless, I don't see why a disposable blade razor is better for travel.
  6. Any pics of a miraki?
  7. [​IMG]

    While a larger blade is nice, the blades are super expensive. No thanks.
  8. The one I mentioned is this


    Blade section is plain without any comb, just like dovo. While blades look expensive(that was the first think I thought at first) there a 10 double sided blades in a box. I can easily have 3 shaves with one blade. An average person could get 4-5. If we take 3, one can have 60 shaves with one box of blades. So its not that expensive. Look how expensive kai or feather blades too. Also dont forget the fact one can easily use regular de blades with miraki.
  9. Miraki looks interesting. Is the comb removable?

    I have used the Parker when traveling with great success. :thumbup1:
  10. What makes the miraki any better than the dovo or Parker? Is there anywhere in the US that sells this? A google search only pulled up over seas sellers.
  11. The main issue for traveling with a real straight is that I would have to check a bag when flying. With the Parker or the dovo I can stick it in my carry on and just pick up a pack of DE blades when I get where I'm going. I also just don't want to have to deal with stropping and honing while traveling.
  12. So basically you're saying the dovo is the better shaver in your opinion? If using a de blade in both, cost aside, what razor would you prefer?
  13. Build quality, balance, weight and blades.

    Its nicely made, not a cheapo. As its solid steel, not so light like other shavettes. Especially handle is heavy like a real straight. Blade section is lighter , I think its advantageous as shavettes are very unforgiving, and you need a light touch.

    Lastly blades. As I said they are in perfect sharpness for a shavette shave. Not crazy sharp like feathers, thus no irritation and fast and comfortable shaves. You still get bbs.

    You can think miraki as a better dovo shavette.
  14. If the choice is between a Dovo Shavette, and a Parker Shavette, the Parker wins hands down no debate.

    The Dovo is a cheaply made, lightweight, chintzy piece of garbage.

    The Parker has a decent amount of weight too it having the stainless steel blade arm, and holds the blade nice, and firm.
  15. Oops, missed your question there. Dunno, as I'm located in Turkey I bought mine on ebay uk with a quite reasonable shipping.
  16. One consideration on the longer blades, is that with both options (the black holder, and the green holder) you are severely limited in regards to blade choices that fit those holders.

    For the black (as far as I know) your choices are the Dovo blades or nothing. For the green, you have the choice of the Fromm blades, or the Personna blades.

    Both the Fromm blades, and the Personna blades are technically for use in a Hair Shaper; I have not had good luck with either one, and personally don't consider them to be sharp enough for purposes of shaving.
  17. Do injector blades fit any of these beasts?

    I'm contemplating a Parker, since Ive recently gone to carry on only for luggage, and last trip they confiscated a SuperPro blade out of my Feather coming back through SFO.
  18. +1 here. Without a doubt, the Parker is the one to choose. I've found the SRW, to be the best of the Parker's, and I have 4 of them. :thumbup1:
  19. Nope.

    The only disposable blade straights I know of that work with regular injector blades are the Mr C Razor:

    The Mr. C is technically designed for the slightly longer Feather blades, but having owned one I can attest that the Injector blades work perfectly in it.

    the Hess EZ Shave:

    and the Monsieur Charles:
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  20. I bought a Parker SR1 just to have for when I send my straight out for honing (only had 1 straight at the time, but have since acquired another one, leaving the parker to sit in a drawer) but I did use it for several shaves while waiting on my razor to get back. I liked it, the shaves were good, seemed very much like using a regular straight to me. It will likely be my travel razor as well, just because if something happens and it gets lost/stolen/destroyed/etc I'll only be out $20.

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