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  1. I came across a straight razor that the website says it is made by DOVO but has the EDWIN JAGGER badge on the blade. Does anyone know if this is DOVO or EJ, or is there a link between them. Is the razor any good? I am looking into buying my first straight razor.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, Edwin Jagger is a brand name that can be put onto many things, similar to The Art of Shaving...

    I have seen online some E.J. branded, DOVO made straights (here for instance).
  3. Dovo have made the razor for Edwin Jagger and I presume Dovo/Merkur have etched the Edwin Jagger onto the blade. I don't know if the specification is of a higher standard than the normal Dovo razors and you would need to ask Edwin Jagger directly. I'm sure they will give you a direct answer.

    Edwin Jagger also sell DE razors with Dovo/Merkur heads on them. Edwin Jagger buy the heads which are more heavily chromed than the standard heads and add them to the handles which they manufacture themselves. So it is not true that Edwin Jagger is just branding. You should look up their internet site to learn about them.

    The few products I have had from them have been of the highest quality and a pleasure to own.
  4. Any Dovo dealer can have their logo on a stock Dovo blade but you do need to buy-in about 200 pieces at a go. As far as I am aware the blades are stock Dovo as are the scales though I guess Dovo would put you something different on if you did a deal with them. I have seen quite a few of the Jagger/Dovo razors, all seem to use the standard full hollow 5/8 round point and are perfectly serviceable.

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