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  1. Sorry its me again I have a other Question to ask about this straight shaving have been reading the razor Clinic and reading some of the reviews on razors. I was going to go ahead & buy Dovo razor on this site until i read the review on the Dovo Mammoth Ivory Razor. The guy on here said that the workmanship had gone really downhill finish was bad etc . plus other guys on this site have said the same ( Know this was written in 2007) Now for a price of £366 ( $577) I think that a bit naughty & taking the P**S I always thought Dovo straights where the best but now it seems I was wrong in thinking this . I have £150 ( $237 ) to buy one that must be Shave ready. Have things changed in Q.C in the in 5 years since that review & so could I now buy Dovo Razor without any worries about the Q.C.
  2. I have owned several Dovo razors all purchased from Lynn and Don at Straight Razor Designs and they all were fine blades. If I had your budget I would look for a near mint vintage Dovo from the Fritz Bracht era. Dovo has no more QC issues than Thiers Issard. There are so many choices among razors. I'd go for a NOS Solingen blade that are plentiful.
  3. I think I've read somewhere that some years back they have problems with their QC, but it has been addressed since then. My dovo has no problems. :)
  4. If there is one(any) at Jarrod will have the pics of the one(s) he is selling posted so you know exactly what you are buying.
  5. Phew thanks guys for that info now think have a long look at which type to go for SS or carbon steel ;-)
  6. Go for carbon.

    I have tried a few Dovo's over the years and I'm really liking the Prima Klang I have at the moment. It's taken a really nice edge, and the price and the quality seems to be excellent. I like full-hollows, so this matched my requirements.

    Given the few new Dovo's I've had, I'd say that their QC issues have been addressed. They were all good razors.
  7. My Dovo is a great shaver.
  8. Wid


    Same here, I've had quite a few Dovos and they were all nice razors.
  9. Geez you guys are making me want one. :ohmy:
  10. Do it!

    They are purdy
  11. I will when I no longer feel the sting from this and get a refund from somewhere else.

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    Wherever you end up buying from, I would suggest you make sure they have exemplary customer service in the event you do get a razor that slipped through the QC cracks. Like all things handmade, it will not be "perfect".

    Post many pics when you finally decide :smile:.
  13. Thanks I'll keep that in mind!
  14. so did you buy one yet Scott? Its been a few hours.
  15. :lol: If you price a 200x50 La Veinette from Ardennes you notice my bank account has been emptied.:crying: it is on my short list though
  16. Wid


    I don't know Scott; they might be a tad small for ya. I don't think a Dovo comes in anything wider than a 6/8.
  17. Then you have never seen a 55 :001_wub:
  18. I have a number of Dovos and have not had any quality issues. The worst thing that happened to a few of them that I had not oiled well enough got discoloured and slightly pitted (not rusted though, weird) from the humidity. Yeah, 6/8 is the largest. Some really fine American craftsmen make larger blades, and Theirs Issard runs to 7/8, although there are less Theirs Issards running around than a few years ago. The good stuff tends to surface in the fall in time for holiday shopping.
  19. If you can find them there is a 56 Dovo that is 7/8 and a 55 that is 8/8.
  20. I have two new Dovos that are really nice. No problem whatsoever with the workmanship. They were dull as hell when I got them, though. I have several older ones including 7/8. I like the older ones better but mostly because of the width. I think the older ones take a slightly better edge but that just may be me.

    If I was looking for a new razor, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Dovo. The last two TIs I got were not all that great although 'all that great' is a relative term. One I had to send back for defects. They all shave acceptably well. While maybe not the same concept/vein, I am waiting for a new 7/8 Hart which I know will be the best damn razor in the world. Chick magnet for sure.

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