Double Edge Safety Razor for Women

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  1. I'm thinking about giving my sister in law a double edge safety razor. I gave one to my brother and he is crazy about the quality of shaves he's now getting. His wife is getting onboard, purchasing him some Crabtree & Evelyn shave soap for his birthday. I'm thinking she might also enjoy the great shaves that are only available from a double edged blade. Any suggestions about which razors are suitable for women?
  2. I would not gift it to her directly. You may end up in getting slapped!
  3. The classic answer would be the Lady Gillette if vintage is your choice. Same head as a Super Speed on a longer, "more feminine" handle. Supposedly, it shaves as well and is as mild as as a 50's era SS.

    If new is your choice, I'd probably recommend the Edwin Jagger DE8x series. It's not specifically a woman's razor, but it's a great mild shaver with a fairly long handle to get those ankles easier. My suggeston would be either the DE87 or 88 (with the resin handle), since that handle is a bit longer than the DE89.
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  4. Lady Gillette. My wife didn't want a DE, claimed she liked her throw aways just fine. I got her one anyway, put a shingle up in WTB in the b/s/t forum.

    When I gave it to her for her b'day she was tickled and has used it ever since. It's a great way to get rid of blades I can't/won't use. :)

    I can't remember what I paid, $35? It was cherry with a case (still is cherry w/a case).

    Edit: Whoops, Wingnut beat me to it!
  5. Merkur 23c (180) long handle or a vintage Lady Gillette either work great. I let my girlfriend try my 23c and she liked it so much I got her a Lady Gillette, it works great!
  6. I'm on it. Thanks!
  7. If I don't win this auction, what about a Lord L6? I'm thinking this model might be a good choice.
  8. I'm female, and here's my 2 cents ... it depends on the woman. If she's the type that is into very feminine looking things, then by all means, buy a Lady G. If not, any good safety razor will do as a starting point. Just don't get one that is known as super aggressive for her to start with. Personally, I started with the Lady G, but I've found that I prefer a somewhat more aggressive razor.

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