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  1. I held onto a double edge razor blade sharpener that was my father’s for sentimental reasons. Anyone who have used or is using one:
    • Is it worth it?
    • Does it work better with some blades rather then others?
    • Or its just a nice trinket to keep and start a shaving memorabilia collection with? Just getting into wet shaving
    Just curious as I said I found it about 10 years ago when we cleaned out my parent’s home and it was in his dresser drawer.
  2. Non stainless steel blades can be sharpened to some extent. I mean something like Treet black beauties, and some others.
  3. It would make for a nice piece of shaving ephemera, but as cheap as DE blades are, their use is, in my opinion, impractical.
  4. Is it a sharpening/honing device or a stropping device? I have a twinplex gizmo that works very well to strop blades. Mine workw well with carbon steel blades, but they work just fine with stainless.

    But whatever you do, definitely keep it.
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    +1 ... Keep it for the nostalgia factor, a family heirloom, and one of the cornerstones of your collection.

    I doubt that re-sharpening a DE will give better results than putting in a fresh blade that was honed at the factory. It will probably be a lot worse, IMHO.

    Whatever you do, don't try and re-sharpen any modern blades ... the stainless steel with titanium/chrome coatings may leave behind deposits on your gadget that will ruin it forever.

    If you can figure out when your sharpener was made, try it out on blades from that era ... or better yet, blades from at least a decade before, to be on the safe side.
  6. +1

    Today, they're more of a shaving curio. Go into search function, and search for posts/threads containing 'Twinplex'. You'll get a bunch of threads that cover the topic.

    -- John Gehman
  7. Since trying to learn the lay of the land in here.

  8. I guess it is more of a curio thing as most of them are too old and dirty to use.
  9. There are literally hundreds of these gizmos around and some are very cool little machines. There's one, I now forget the name, that Albert Einstein is reported to have spoken of very highly. There's a stropping device that was made by Smith and Wesson of all people.

    In any event, my Twinplex stopping gizmo works great on stainless blades. It has two leather covered eliptical wheels that strop the blade as you turn a crank and after each strop, it flips the blade over. And no, I've never noticed any problem with any coating being left over. From what I can understand, many of these stoppers are either leather or a hard rubber.

    Twinplex is still in business and they have a great website:

    If you're curious about stroppers, look here:

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