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  1. I didn’t even want to like the Dorco blades but I got a 10 pack with my new Merkur 1904. Why not try one in my EJ89? This morning I loaded my EJ with a Dorco after my normal prep with three days of growth. Whipped up some nancy boy with my TGN 22mm silvertip grade A and went to town. It didn’t feel as sharp as many others but what a nice shave. Finished it will cold water rinse and WH followed by another cold water rinse and 444 mixed with 4711 aftershave.
    It may have something to do with the fact I always get a better shave after I skip a few days. I will give the blade a few shaves and see how it goes but so far I am very surprised
  2. I don't know which Dorco you used, but the 301s are pretty good for me. Sometimes I'll finish out the week with a Dorco 301.
  3. 300's=stainless steel..nothing will calm the harsh edges..I have tried alot when I was DEing..though the 301=platinum coated were VERY good
  4. I thought the 301 was the same as the 300 just a 10 vs a 5 pack. I will have to look and see what I have
  5. Even if you only get 1 good shave out of them, they cost under $8 for 100. A great deal.
  6. i use the 300s often in a slant with at least one acceptable ATG pass. i am going to try stropping them in a Kriss Kross stropper if it fits.
  7. It was the 301s I used today. I am going to skip a day and try it again. Does the kriss kross stropper really work?
  8. I think the EJ89 is mild enough to make bad blades bearable. You may not get a BBS or even a DFS, but you'll get a GES (good enough shave.)
  9. They are definitely NOT the same blade. Different edge grind and hone make the 301 sharper and smoother. Problem is, once out of the wrapper, there is no marking to identify one from the other, except under a microscope.

    You may also find this interesting:

    I did, because I like the Sharks a bit better.
  10. it works as in it's functional. I think there were different models to fit different blades, but don't quote me on that..whether mine will improve a used DE blade or SE or some propreitay blade remains to be seen.
  11. Nonsense, you can try shaving with it.

    :em2300: = Dorco 301
    :em1500: = Dorco 300
  12. just sacrificed a new "new platinum st300" and stropped it in the kriss kross. It fits. Wanted to try the kai in a cobra tinite but the stropped dorco is calling.
  13. Congrats! I enjoy using the Dorco ST301's.
  14. DORCO 301's are a higher grade of stainless with coatings including teflon. The 300's are just too cheap for my face.

  15. Funny that I read this earlier today and thought the same thing. I have not used a shark in a long time, I am trying to decide on my next blade purchase. I think I am going to order a few 5 packs of my top blades first and Shark SC will be one of them
  16. i have seen many microscope views of blades but not dorcos. you have a link?
  17. I found Dorco to be a very cost effective mild blade. I prefer an aggressive blade and shave, but for those that don't, Dorcos are (imho) VERY good. You can get 4 or 5 good shaves from them.
  18. I just got a BBS- from the fresh 300 (in a 40s superspeed) i just stropped on the kriss kross. i did a HHT before and after and edge seems about same by that experiment..
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  20. Well I ordered some over a year ago and have yet to try them. At least I got the 301's which is supposed to be the better of the two.

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