Does Truefitt really invented the first shaving cream and soap?

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  1. We do know that it started in 1805. I don't quite understand how this man named Francis Truefitt invented own shaving cream. Does he really make own shaving cream and soap in 1805 or it come out later on. But First he opened the first barbershop for men who want a haircut only. We don't know why he decided to open his own shop in the first place.

    I'm not sure what the first scent was release, Was it 1805, Grafton, Trafalgar, White Indian Lime or others?

    Does T&H cream and soap has strong scent smell or not?

    What is your favorite T&H?

  2. Um....what?
  3. 'nuff said I think
  4. Jim

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    I once saw 20 clowns get out of a Mini cooper.
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    Here's a little history for you.
  6. uh...
  7. 1936
    TruefittÂ’s Toilet Club closes.

    Dangit, I missed out again. I was born too late.
  8. I thought that Art invented shaving cream and soap :confused:
  9. He may have invented shaving cream, but not shaving soap. I saw an ad in an 1888 publication, in which a manufacturer of shaving soap claimed that their sticks had been available for 100 years.

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