Does Gilette Still Make DE Safety Razors?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Like most of you here, my RAD is still pretty strong and I'm a sucker for a good deal... I saw this advertised for sale at a place called Carol Wright Gifts and wondered if these can be bought from other places; I'm cheap - just curious if there was a better deal somewhere else! Does anyone here have any info on this razor? Is it worth the trouble? I like the fact that it's new and still made in the classic style, so that's what got me interested. Beats cleaning the funk off a antique store find IMO!

    The price isn't bad at $14.99 but I would prefer to buy it from Amazon so I could take advantage of combined free shipping; (refer to the "cheap" statement above!)

    Thanks in advance for the info!

  2. Yes, Gillette does make safety razors, but only overseas for overseas markets. For example, the 7 O'clock razor, which is partial or all plastic.

    If you're looking for all-metal butterfly (TTO) models like those from the 40s-60s, Gillette doesn't make these any more.

    For the price you're interested in, you can get some very good deals on the BST forum right here at B&B; and many of our contributors take quite a bit of pride in selling razors that are clean and functional, not caked with funk.

    However, if you still prefer a new model, you might look at Weishi, Lord, or Concord in your price range. For a little more you might check out some models from Edwin Jagger, Parker or Merkur.
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  3. Look on B/S/T. Members are generally very honest about the condition of the classic razors they are selling because they want to maintain good relationships with the members.

    Or buy a new one from one of our vendors. If you pay $40 and it lasts you a lifetime, it will pay for itself in short order. The only catch is that a good one for that price probably won't have a butterfly opening for the razors. But I'll trade that for a great shave any day.

    I bought one on Amazon and it was defective. But they took it back. So I have mixed feelings about getting one there.

    I think you should first look at the Reviews section of this forum and decide if you want a mild, or aggressive razor. That also goes for blades.
  4. Thanks for the info guys! So, I assume the razor that I posted is Asian, but being imported? I coudn't find anything else on Amazon that was similar, and the Gilette website was useless...
  5. Brother goes to the Buy Sale or Trade Forum here or hit the Antique stores and buys a good old solid made in the USA one.
  6. From the looks of it I think it might be a Sabi razor from Pakistan.
  7. According to what I have read, Sabi are from Japan although that may not make much of a difference.
  8. Depends, really. Some of them don't take much to clean and probably work better than a poorly made newer DE.
  9. +1
  10. It's worth cleaning off the antique store finds. If you're not into that buy a nice one off the BST board.
  11. Why would you want to give Gillette any business? They have proven to not care about anything but the bottom line and would sell you down the line for a nickle. You want a quaility razor that is above and beyond anything out there- Get a Weber, Made in the USA.
  12. +1 Looks indentical to a Sabi I owned in the past, which was pretty shoddily constructed.

    The razor being sold by Carol Wright is not made, or marketed by Gillette.

    Gillette doesn't make any modern TTO razors, they only make 3 piece razors that resemble a Gillette Tech. Carol Wright (and a slew of other companies selling this) are simply lying, or twisting their words.
  13. What is interesting is that if you go to the Art of Shaving page which is owned by the same company that owns Gillette, they have a number of DEs and straights. Here is the description on one DE that makes you go hmmmm.

    Product Description: The first double-edged or safety razors were manufactured in 1901 by Gillette. The Art of Shaving has continued the tradition of shaving with these types of razors by offering an elegant selection of safety razors, all handmade in Solingen, Germany. We use the same high standards of quality and manufacturing as were used in 1901, and the best possible quality steel available today.

    These are obviously Merkurs so what is with the "We use.." Do they own Merkur also?
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  14. Steel? What steel are they talking about? The machines that make the razors?


  15. Your first statement applies to pretty EVERY company out there, and your second I completely disagree with. Gillette / P+G / AoS wouldn't survive if they went out of their way to screw customers; in fact they all take pretty good care of their customers and give great service.
  16. I don't buy for a minute that Gillette is producing double-edged razors.
  17. I had read somewhere these may be Russian copies.How true that is I don't know.I may order one if the MIL orders something from Carol Wright to save on shipping.
  18. Gillette as a company cares about the bottom line now exactly like they did when they made your favorite vintage razor. And King Camp Gillette as a person cared about his bottom line so he could spend his fortune pushing his (IMO) bizarre ideas of utopian society.

    Gillette (with help from Bic, etc.) changed the shaving market in the 60s and 70s because people were ready for it. It's not like they stopped making all DE blades and razors and then came out with the first carts and disposables. There were over 15 years of overlap (i.e. market choice) before the DE razors fell out of production.

    But we do agree in the buying a Weber idea!
  19. Actually, they still are in India and some other 3rd world countries.
    Gillette doesn't have any agenda against DEs, they sell whatever product will give them the highest return in any given market.

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