Does anyone know of any adapter to make DE handles work with SE heads?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Azarius, May 24, 2012.

  1. I have a few nice handles that I would love to try on some of the various SE heads. Due to the construction of the Sabi, I can make that fit, but I am guessing I would need some type of threaded adapter to make the others work.

    Any ideas?
  2. You'd need a 10-32 male-female adaptor. You could DIY with a 10-32 internally threaded coupler(and a 10-32 set-screw), a drawer-pull extension, or a few other items you'll see at Ace, Lowes and Home Depot.
  3. Thanks Rob, I appreciate it, to the hardware store I shall go.
  4. post what works and where you found it. I find some of my SE handles a little short for my liking. Would be nice to use some of my DE handles on them if I could get an adapter.
  5. Oh yeah, think about the iKon or BRW handles on a Streamline :w00t:
  6. If you have a little engineering company close to you and know what the threads are you might be able to get them to make you a double threaded stud or 3 out of stainless i've made tons of em in the past and it seems like something that would be ideal for what your after...
  7. brianw

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    I have 3 CCB handles that fit 1912' well as NEW and tech heads. Just take out the screw. I'll see if I can find the pictures of them
  8. Someone recently posted pretty much exactly this in the opposite direction from an eBay auction lot that they'd picked up. IIRC, it was a Gillette Old Type head on an ASR ornate handle with a collar adapter. Can anyone dig up that thread before I get around to it?
  9. brianw

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    Here's some shots of my CCB handles....please excuse the poor pics.

    $HPIM1217.jpg $HPIM1218.jpg $HPIM1219.jpg $HPIM1221.jpg $HPIM1222.jpg
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    Same guy....Coon Cat Bob.... his handle here
  11. brianw

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    I am going to talk to Rudy Vey about some handles, one for the Damaskeene. This would be the only thing to make me fall of the Sabbatical.
  12. brianw

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    The nice part about those handles is the screw screws out and you could use the handle on a tech or new
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  14. Derp de derp, I sure can add two plus two :blushing:

    So Bob was able to make the threads to fit the handles to be dual purpose, that it exactly what I am looking for.
  15. Bro should be VERY the Rob72 has mentioned , go down to ACE ( I find them easier to find screws, etc than the big box stores) and simply pic up a 10-32 type screw or bolt. They may even have the headless crown or set screws....if you are unsure...bring in a handle...

    If they don't have the length you require, or if you can only find one with a head, simply use a hack saw or a dremel to cut to desired length.
  16. use hand tool? Now that is funny. I am about as mechanical as a tween Twilight fan.
  17. TCP


    Went to Ace hardware this morning and bought 3 adapters for $1.50 and they work great. All one needs is a 10 32 X 3/8" set screw. So simple even I could do it.
  18. ok, that problem is solved. what about converting an SE handle to work with a DE? Imagine an old type head on the chain link handle.

    I suppose you'd have to grind the threads off of the handle and drill and tap the handle. Luckily my old man is an oldschool manual machinist.

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