Do you rinse between passes?

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  1. Do you?

    Are there advantages?

    Thanks for you input....
  2. I rinse before my last pass, but not between every pass, and not a real thorough rinse. Just a rinse to spread out and rub in the left over cream.
    I think it makes a slicker pass, it's like the leftover cream gets rubbed in there really good mixed with that water, then lay a lather down on top of it and it's like greased lightning and I believe it helps fight irritation. The main reason I started doing it was to feel my face and see if I needed another pass, and to find the touch up spots.
  3. I like to rinse before each pass, like the feeling of a clear face, and fresh new water over me, in readiness for the next pass:thumbup1:
  4. I would quickly splash some water before the last pass to feel my skin and see what needs a touch up.
  5. Nope.
  6. I rinse between each pass, but it's so easy since I shave in the shower. Seems like it would be a good thing to add more heat and water to the ol face hairs before re-lathering.
  7. I do exactly the same thing, and also noticed that extra slickness. It makes me ponder adding a minor rinse step between passes.

    My wedding day is in about a week. I've achieved a pretty reliable DFS, but the big day has me looking for little, low risk, steps to polish things. If I remember, I try rinses tomorrow to see how it goes.


    Anyone else?
  8. I rinse in between each pass. I like to lather up with a clean face, no loose whiskers lingering anywhere. If I'm face lathering, it helps with the water-soap ratio. Besides, it just feels nice.
  9. You meant the face? I thought you meant the razor. OK, both.

    BTW, someone asked this maybe a week or 2 ago so I've been considering it over this time.

    I don't rinse the face between passes. All the cut offs are on the razor and in the lather on the razor; can't be anywhere else until I rinse. So I just relather and press on.

    I rinse the razor when I get to something where I need blade visibility so that I don't cut something off that I'd like to keep. This caused the most thinking for me. With the old carts, I'd have to rinse much more often, but if you look at the way one of these fantastically designed razors work, they don't clog, so there's no need to rinse it more frequently. Unless one just wants to rinse of course.

    But if someone does it different, face or razor, that's cool. It's what works for you that's important.
  10. I give myself a quick splash between passes. The way I figure it, water does the "heavy lifting" in shaving so I'm giving the lather a nice "foundation" to work with.

  11. i agree with the quick splash.. it works well for me.
  12. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Always rinse between passes, rubbing lets you know how you're doing and what's left.
  13. nemo's got it. It makes sense to let your face give you feedback between passes.
  14. I normally only rinse before touch up so I can get a better feel for any missed spots. I have also given a quick rinse between passes when my face has felt like it was drying out a bit.
  15. Not for me...well, not usually anyways. Sometimes depending if I need a bit more moisture.
  16. Nope, just re-lather and have at it!
  17. hmmmm. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. I guess it depends on the time I'm taking with my shave.
  18. I wipe a wet hand over my face between passes. It seems to help the later to stay wetter once applied.
  19. +1 I do this on my last pass. Typically it is an ATG pass. check for rough spots then re-lather.
  20. No most of the tie, on occasion if I it gets bloody.

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