Do you have a favorite DE Blade?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by chris A, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Do you have a favorite DE blade? Why?

    Do everyone try every blade and see if it work or not? Does it make a close shave. Are these sharp or not too sharp? I read a reviews at this forum, and seem that the Derby's and Crystal are very popular and Personna Platium, I don't know to spell it, so anyway, this also it very good bald.

    What do you think?

  2. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus


    I find they last longer, are more consistent, are far sharper than anything else on the market. They are the only blade I don't get quite a bit of tugging from.

    However, this blade doesn't work for everyone, so YMMV, etc, etc, etc.
  3. Gillette silver blue. Czech made, very sharp and smooth blades. Consistent quality.
  4. I'm still enjoying the adventure of trying a sampler pack. But so far of the premium-priced blades I find the erroneously-nicknamed "Swedes" (Gillette Platinum) give me the best, most comfortable shaves. Of the rest, I find most blades by Treet, especially the Trig-branded ones, the easiest to work with.

    (As a counter, ones I won't be using again include Derbys, Dorcos and Merkurs, but YMMV as they say.)
  5. Derbys for me and everyone I shave.

    I will not post that mileage acronym as it does my brian in :rolleyes:

    So, the distance you travel may hem and haw in comparison to other board members. TDYTMHAHICTOBM :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


  6. mdunn

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    red personna
  7. I just got back from a 10-day trip. I took along a dispenser of Gillette Swedes. I thought it was full, but it contained only 2 blades. I decided to stretch the first one as long as I could. It went the whole 10 days; only on day 9 did it pull a little, but all 10 shaves were smooth. I'm sure I could have gotten at least 2 more shaves out of it.

    Feathers are sharper, but don't last nearly as long. From now on, I'm buying only these two brands unless something better comes along.
  8. Gillette 7 o'clock Sharp Edge (yellow pack). Nearly as sharp as a Feather, but seems to be more resistant to the hard water around here.
  9. Polsilver

    sharp like a Swede, but no weepers, ever.
  10. Kai is my favorite. They are sharp like a feather but smoother and they last for 6-7 shaves.
  11. MAK


    So far Crystals...they tend to bite me less.
  12. Gillette Swede, tried different blades until I found these. They do the best job for me. Shame about the price.
  13. Gruder

    Gruder Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Crystals won out after my year-long blade testing extravaganza. That's for my face, though. YMMV. Feathers were sharpest, to be sure, but didn't last very long and, frankly, cost too much.
  14. I like all the blades that letterk offers, though I haven't tried the Dorco. Favorite is the Red-Pack Personnas, closely followed by the Derby and the Crystal. I was an 'early adopter' of the Red-Pack, pre-dating Letterk's offering of this fine blade.

    I also have a large quantity of NOS blades I regularly use, also.

    WRT the SE GEMS/ER's, Pella blades are the only blade I use any more.

    -- John Gehman
  15. My overall favorite is the red pack personna followed closely by dorco 301's.

    There are some higher priced blades that work great too, but for price / BBS shave I like those two.
  16. I have been none to pimp for my Red Personna Blade.
    It just does a fantastic job. Every part of the package and goods is recyclable.
    The 30 or so packs look good in my case.
  17. I used to prefer Crystals; now I favor the Gillettes. As my technique has improved, the Gillettes seem to work best for me. Feathers are good too, but a little harsh on the first shave day.
  18. Red Pack Personna's, then Derby's.
  19. Yes, Feather. It is sharp and fairly long-lasting. I like Swedish Gillettes as well, but they are expensive and hard to find.

  20. I am a fan of the Astra Keramicks. Sharp and smooth for me.

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