Do you get nicks/cuts without feeling them?

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  1. Although my 2nd DE shave ever was great (4 days in between), my 3rd shave with only 1 day in between went not so good. I had tons of little bitty cuts that I could not even feel, but saw the blood after. Is this normal? I think part of it was my lather build, to much water...not sure. Any ideas?
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    It happened to be in my first couple of shaves. Id be half way through my second or third pass and notice little red patches poking through the nice white lather on my kneck. Doesent happen anymore, i suppose as i improved my technique.

    Rub some lather between your fingers and make sure its slippery. If theres too much water you'll probably notice some bubbles in the lather itself too. If it feels fine, maybe try to go slower and less pressure?
  3. Firstly, if the blood is red, it's normal. Secondly, one of the nice things about this is it proves that your blade is sharp. It's the dull ones that usually cause the painful and messy cuts. To this day, by far the nastiest shaving cut I've experienced was from a Mach III.


  4. I usually don't feel or even know about the minor cuts until I rinse my face with hot water after shaving. However, it's less painful if you use cold water.
  5. Technique will remedy this. Try to concentrate on 1) blade angle, 2) letting the weight of the razor do the cutting and 3) not going over the same area over and over without continuing to add lather between passes. :smile:
  6. I think I've felt each nick, but those have been few and far between.
  7. I seldom nick myself, but when it happens, I usually don't know about it until the rinse.
  8. Hi! I think you're face might still be in the adjustment phase.........give it time and keep perfecting your technique.........Take care
  9. Thanks all, this time I was much more careful and only got a few nicks, its still pretty irritated tho. I dont know if everyone here is like this but when the hair grows out of my beard, I dont know how to explain it, but part of my skin comes out like a very small bump where the follicle is. So when I shave, the razor goes over the bump and I get cuts. Does my face just needs to get used to it? Also Im noticing more cuts because Im shaving after the shower, before I used my fusion in the maybe Im just noticing more cuts and they were always there. Ok enough rambling :)
  10. I would say in general one gets a feel for the blade and what it is doing whether this be angle, pressure, nicking you, cutting you, and what not. The blade becomes an extension to you if you will.
  11. I completely agree with Joe. Tecnique technique technique!!!

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