Do shaving creams have expiration dates?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Boogie, May 20, 2007.

  1. I realize that shaving creams won't last indefinitely, but does anyone know about how long they do last? This is assuming that they are kept in a dry storage area, like in a cabinet of a bathroom and pulled out only when that specific cream is being used.
  2. Certain all-natural creams, e.g. Weleda, display expiry dates on the tubes. Beyond that, I really don't know: The point of adding preservatives such as parabens is to increase the lifespan of a product, but I can't say by how much. It may also be the case that the cream still works fine, yet is considered off in terms of bacteria etc., or vice versa: an apparently fresh cream dries up in a (leaky) tube. – The bottom line is, I really don't know, but I wouldn't hold on to an open tube of cream for more than two or three years. If you take that long to get through the stuff, it can't be much good - or you have serious SCAD. And I wouldn't underestimate SCAD.
  3. This is a forbidden topic for those of us with SCAD.


  4. I've got a tub of Taylor's that I accidentally left the lid loose for a day or so. I may have to add a touch of water and stir the tub back up again.

  5. I am afflicted with SCAD, but thankfully it's not too out of hand.......YET!:biggrin:

    But the few tubs of Taylor's creams, which I love, when I use them I only need a small amount. I usually scoop some out with my finger and then jam into my brush and lather on my face. Doing this I use only a very small amount and it looks like it will take forever to get through an entire tub. And I have 3 of them, as well as other soaps and creams. I just didn't want my lovely Taylor's to go bad before I get to use all of it's goodness. I'll just be sure to keep it sealed tight and keep it stored in a dry place. Thanks for the help all.
  6. This topic is quite appropriate as this morning I used AOS Lavender from the tube and I was squeezing for all I was worth to get the last drop out and then cut the top of the plastic tube only reveal loads left! So now I have got an open container so it will be interesting to see how the cream is affected albeit I think I will be shaving exclusively with AOS Lavender for the rest of the week!
  7. On the product label there is usually a picture of a tub with an open lid and a number followed by M, meaning months. This is the product's estimated expiry date once it is opened. I've found that most of the shaving cream tubs I've seen have 12M written on the label, meaning they have an estimated life of one year once they're opened.


  8. Oh, I had no idea, thanks Shawn. I'll be checking out my tubs of Taylors when I get home.
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    I have tubs that are definitely older than 1 year old and still seem fine...
  10. Like any product, I'm sure most work just fine past their expiration dates. I suppose the 12 months is when the cream will be considered 'fresh', for lack of a better word. People on this forum have mentioned creams that have been around for a while and have dried out, and just adding a bit of water has done the trick, so a tub that has been open for longer than a year is by no means unusable.

  11. Wow... I've always wondered what that symbol meant. I imagined it was something obscure to do with recycling (like the German "Green Point" symbol). Thanks for setting the record straight, Shawn!
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    My first tub of TOBS, I tossed the plastic 'inner lid'. I've since rethought that, and on all my subsequent TOBS tubs I keep the inner lid, with the idea that this helps maintain the seal & thus the shavy goodness.
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    I have several over 2 years old that show no ill effects.
  14. Same here... I have some GFT creams that are over 2 years old and they still look, smell and lather perfect. No sign of aging.. Always stored with the original inner lid en closing lid in the bathroom cabinet..
  15. I have a couple of SCS creams that seem to be less moist/more settled than when I bought them in the fall of '06. When I use them I need to be a bit more forceful in swirling my brush around the tub to get enough. Once on the brush they're fine. Used one this am, in fact.

  16. In most cases the "expiration" date is actually a "best before" date; basically their way of saying "it'll probably still work okay, but don't blame us if something weird happens".

    Usually the quality just starts to drop off at some point near that date.
  17. most european cosmetic products have this little symbol of the tub with a number inside, like 12M (meaning 12 months since opened),
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    I asked this same question when I first stocked up on creams. (Jay you remember? :biggrin: )Keep the tub or tube sealed tightly and it should last for years.
  19. I don't know but I have a tube of old Gillette shave cream I got with a set that is well over 50 years old and it is still moves around when I push it. I've been thinking about opening it up and trying it out. Bad idea? :001_smile
  20. You might want the hospital on speed dial. Or an exorcist. :wink:

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