Do people think your nuts for using a DE Razor?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Aseries, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. I will admit I'm not old enough to have grown up in the DE erra. My dad used to have one, and well he switched to cart razors when I was a kid, and I remember seeing the old razor in our old house before it went up in smoke.

    But I switched to DE razors about two months ago, and satisfied with its shave. I just shave n run, if the hair is gone its fine for me. But I tell people I use 50 year old Gillette Razors and they gimme all kinds of comments like. You mean those actually shave. I tell them um yeah they were used for over 100 years, you think a mach III somehow made everything inferior.

    I was polishing one and someone was like wtf is that. I was its my new razor, ok I own 6 now. But they were like your going to use that old crusty thing. I was like no, i'm going to clean it first then use it. They thought I was nuts, but when I tell them the price of blades they look, they think and they just wonder.

    Just wondering and wanted to hear your stories of what you get when you tell people you use a DE razor...
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    None of my real life friends seem to get it. They think I'm nuts for spending so much time and money on shave gear. They don't understand the satisfaction we get, the Zen factor, or why we go through so much trouble for this manly ritual.

    To every guy I know in real life, shaving is just shaving. They always say "Oh ... I just use the cheapest stuff I can find." And their faces show it.

    The real payoff comes when I meet people that haven't seen me since I started wet-shaving. The universal reaction is "Wow ... you look GOOD!" That makes it all worthwhile.
  3. Den


    Firstly, I don't tell people I DE shave for the reasons you already mentioned. It's a waste of my time. If they ask, I'll talk..but only if they initiate. Even then, I won't go into details.

    I get my fix from these boards. :001_smile
  4. My family finds it amusing, especially since my dad gave up DEs straight to electric shaving. However, my friends and family are used to me having somewhat eccentric hobbies, so anybody who'd think I'm nuts came to that conclusion years ago.

    I do like the reaction that one of my friends had to my first (and only) straight, though. She looked at it wide-eyed and asked "are you planning on using that...on your FACE?". :lol:
  5. I was showing a co-worker some of my Gem's and blades and his response was : "You shave with a f****** paint scraper! Damn!"
  6. :lol:
  7. In a word, YES! And I must say I'm proud of it. It's all about individuality nowadays anyway, isn't it? Spamming razor pics on Facebook is fun. :laugh:

    My friends were wondering how anyone could willingly be prepared to slice his throat when there are cartridges available. But I think some of them were secretly a little jealous and no doubt most of them admired my "move".

    One of my friends has even asked me to order a Tech for him but... I think he lacks the patience! I don't want to see him come back to me and say he cut himself and blame it on the razor when in fact incorrect prep routine was the culprit. He's in a top managerial position and leads an insanely busy life.

    My (moderate) RAD however has garnered some negative comments from my wife and parents. I know it too, there are more pressing needs and frankly I'm not too well off at the moment.

    edit: Welcome from me too, Aseries!
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    A few weeks ago a group of us got together and rented a house in the Florida Keys. After breakfast I went to a bathroom and did my shaving preparation. Since the bathroom was small and the mirrors clouded up so quickly, I began shaving with the door open. There were two other couples there along with my wife and me.

    One of the ladies noticed me shaving and later when we were having cocktails asked me about it. I told her how enjoyable it is using a DE and how good a shave I got. My wife said that I now spend more time "primping" than she does! :mad3: The other couples did not say very much about it.

    The next day the same lady touched my face after I shaved and was amazed at how smooth it was. I later learned that she told her husband, Carl, about this and he began asking me questions. I gave him this forum to go to and he is out there lurking. {Carl if you read this, it's time to identify yourself! :001_rolle } He bid on and won a Gillette slim adjustable. He also ordered some Proraso cream, Thayers WH, a pencil, etc.

    His first shave was not the best (cuts, nicks, etc.) I gave him a Derby blade and Personna Red Blade to try and these helped a lot. I again reminded him to watch the mantic 59 videos and read the stickies and wikis here and he has done this. He said his shave are getting better and he no longer thinks of shaving as a chore. I am not so sure his wife is happy, however, since Carl has now placed orders for various soaps, creams, etc., and it thinking about a Mergress razor "just like" mine.

    Carl has told me that he thought I was "nuts" spending time shaving as I did but that now he is probably nuts, too.
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    Everyone I work with knows I use one.
    I've offered everyone a startup kit to try and no one took me up on it.
    Most people think I'm using a straight razor.
    They usually lose interest while i'm trying to explain the difference. :glare:
  10. My wife just does not get it at all, as for friends, dont really mention it, as from conversations i have heard on shaving, all they want is a quick shave with anything thats available in a supermarket.
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    I've told some people... I actually converted my Father and my wife's cousin. I find most people convert initially because of the blade cost, then realize with some practice a Safety razor gives a better and more satisfying shave.
  12. I'm putting together a starter kit for my friend's birthday; I'm going to have to explain to him that to start with, it's not always about the shave. It's finding half an hour or so a day to just do something without constraints, and just chilling out.
  13. I dont bother anymore. If someone can appreciate wet shaving or has an interest, you will know within the first 5 seconds of bringing it up. And most people think we transitioned from straights to carts....... ahhh hemmmm...

    anywho, try having a conversation about why although enjoying a Miller Lite is just fine and dandy, a home brewed porter is much more satisfying.

    Sure jiffy lube "could" change the oil on my 66 box Nova, but I think I will enjoy the satisfaction of doing it myself.

    Somehow along the way wet shaving and other activities preserved by those with external genetailia..were somehow forgotten, or rather pushed aside by the masses. Its much better to have an oil change in 10min, a crappy beer in 3, and a shave in 2. :blink: That smiley needs blood dripping from it.
  14. I don't volunteer that kind of information in a social setting unless someone asks.
    Usually someone will see my gear in the bathroom and mention it, or someone will complain about the cost of cartridges and I'll get to give me little spiel.

    Of course, my wife always rolls her eyes and has to throw in that it takes me "twice as long to shave" and then everyone immediately loses interest.
  15. I got a huge score of old razors and stuff from my wife's uncle. When he was asked if he had any old shaving stuff in all of his antique acquisitions he asked "he's not planning on actually using this stuff is he? He'll tear his face off!"

    So far I've tried the tech, fatboy and old type, with old gillette and wilkinson blades and they all rock.

    still have more to try from that haul, will have to send him an update and some pics of the cleaned up razors and refurbished brushes (once I replace the knots). Maybe he'll get excited about it and find me more stuff. :D
  16. Well, most people think I'm nuts anyway . . . I live a debt-free life and all my broke friends (with their credit card bills, home equity loans, and big car payments) think I'm crazy . . . so shaving with vintage razors isn't much different!

    One of my income-producing endeavors is that of a performing musician at a resort hotel. My three musical partners and I have discussed shaving many times, from the Zen-like enjoyment of the hobby down to the dollars and cents when compared to modern cartridges. They all agree that it makes sense, is kind of cool, and two of them asked me to sell them razors from my eBay inventory so they could give it a try.

    I have decided to PIF all three of them with brush, soap, blades, and Super Speed razor. We'll be the best-shaved band in Dixville Notch, NH!! :thumbup1:
  17. Yes, that's what they seem to think of when you mention vintage razors.

    Actually, in Finnish there is no direct translation for 'safety razor'. 'Shaving machine' (literal translation) is generally understood to mean an electic shaver while 'shaving plane' (!) tells you it's the manual one you scrape your face with. Not surprisingly, I detest that word.

    Straight razor on the other hand is 'shaving knife' so that leaves little room for misunderstanding. :001_smile
  18. I have shown my razors to my brother and one of my friends. They both thought they were pretty cool and said they would maybe try it. I haven't been able to get either to follow through on that however.
  19. This.
  20. I don't advertise that I DE shave but if an appropriate opportunity comes up, I mention it. If there is interest, I'll provide additional details. Most people react with the notion that shaving with a DE razor is "dangerous" or that I'm "brave" for doing so. However, once I explain that it's simply a matter of learning a skill and that it takes me less than 10 minutes (from start to finish which includes aftershave and cleanup) a day, some people express more interest. I've already made a few "converts" but most stick to what they know, which is catridge systems.

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