DIY Smoker?

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by hermy65, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Has anybody here ever built a homemade smoker by chance? Im thinking about getting into smoking but figured building one may be a better option than buying one.

  2. Jim

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    If you Google "Ugly Drum Smoker" you will be rewarded with a massive amount of information, this is a very well tested and easy to make smoker.

    Keep us posted!
  3. I looked into this some time ago. Search for making a smoker out of 2 large clay pots. Very easy project & much cheaper than buying a BIG GREEN EGG!
    Yes that is my smoker of choice. Just have to justify the $1700.00 price tag.
    Make your own for under $100 using the clay pots.
  4. If you have a Weber, you can also set that up as a charcoal smoker. Look up the "Good Eats" episode about smoking for info on it. The thing you will really need is a good digital thermometer.
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  6. Alton Brown of "Good Eats" has made 3 smokers with products costing less than $50. I have made 2 of them for use and they work.
  7. Awesome! Thanks guys!
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    I love the alton brown smokers. gotta remember, hundred of years ago they didn't have big green eggs AND smoking/curing was the only way of storing meat.
    Kinda makes me want to go build a shed out back and do a really good job of sealing it up inside and use it as a large scale smoker.
  9. I'm buried somewhere in that monster thread from the BBQ-Brethren site. I built 15 of them for co-workers and a couple family members until my source for clean barrels dried up. Each one ran me a little over $100 including the barrel back in 2009.
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    I am a little surprised ( I'm not sure why, though ) about how many of our members are also on the brethren.
  11. I've done some Weber Kettle smoking using firebricks and the "Minion Method". Works well enough for me.
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    I taught myself to weld making mine mostly from scrap pipe and plate. 550-pounds at the moment but I still have a few ideas...

    $tom and BBQ 2 10-21-06.jpg

    $Toms BBQ 2010.jpg

    You can do it cheaper and your way if you have the time. (I still have a pile of scrap waiting for the time...)

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    Certainly is, it took me more than a month to read in its entirety, and I see that it is bigger now than when I read it.
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  15. If you're looking for something garage-storable (size wise), there are plans online for a trash can smoker using a standard galvanized metal garbage can that reportedly meet with great success.
  16. Jim

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    Using any metal that is galvanized with a heat source can lead to zinc toxicosis, True smoking at very low temps this would be unlikely, but for BBQ I would be very concerned. This topic has been discussed for years on some of the BBQ forums and can be quite contentious. I personally would not use it.
  17. Jim

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    Looking good Tom!
  18. Has anybody heard of the Alton Brown smoker? While doing my research I stumbled across it and thought that this might be a better option as it would be easier to find the pots rather than the drum for the UDS. Plus I would assume that Terra Cotta would hold the heat in better than the drum would as well.

    Any thoughts gentlemen?
  19. I've seen it, never used one but at the worst if the big clay pots don't work as a smoker you can always plant flowers in them!

    I'm hoping to build a UDS this year, need to get a drum though... my neighbors should be excited when i burn it out!

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