DIY bladebank with blade silhouette and/or custom label- Great inexpensive gift!

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  1. Good (Monday) morning everyone! Last week, while reading a thread about a starter setup and a question of what to do for a blade bank, I started up a conversation with AceByTerror, who created an awesome custom wrap for blade banks made from a broth/soup can. I had made a blade bank from a broth can, so his design really sparked my interest. I ended printing one up, and applying it later that evening when I got home from work. The following day, I swapped some of his pics, and created my own custom version of his wrap. I then started PMing with AceByTerror, who was totally cool with the idea of starting a thread based on his DIY blade bank wrap. First, I'll show the before pic of my basic blade bank, and the after with his custom print on it. Then, I'll give an outline of how you can make your own custom wrap. Additionally, AceByTerror has said that he is going to be working on a reproduction of the old style Gillette tin, which I will also picture. I'm guessing he will add it to this thread when it is finished. So, without further ado...

    My original blade bank:
    $2012-09-02 13.10.13.jpg

    My blade bank after applying AceByTerror's wrap:
    $2012-11-15 07.50.56.jpg $2012-11-15 07.51.09.jpg

    The basic blade bank is easy- Punch a hole, large enough to pass a razor blade through, in the top of a broth can and drain. I heated mine on my gas range with a bit of water to boil out any potential funk (be careful not to burn, as these are lined with plastic). I then took the can outside, and sprayed the top with silver spray paint. After I let it dry for a bit, I placed a blade on top, and lightly dusted the entire can with black spray paint, multiple time, until the entire can was thoroughly black. Then, I removed the blade, and left it to dry. I would be interested to see what it looks like in different colors- I could see sport team motifs here.

    At this point, you can download AceByTerror's wrap, print and cutout. Tape/glue it in place, and you have a sharp blade bank like the one pictured above.

    Now for the customization portion...

    I have collected about 30-40 vintage ads, mostly from Gillette, that you can download and use to customize your own blade bank, like these:
    $Blade Bank v2.jpg $Blade Bank v3.jpg

    Download the Vintage Shaving Ads

    (11/21/12: Added 3 Gillette ads- Blue Blades, New Improved, New Improved American Craftsman)

    After you have downloaded the ads and extracted them from the zip file, go to to edit the blank template. Choose "Load PDF from Internet" option, and paste the following address to load the blank blade bank template: Share/Blank Bank Label.pdf

    By clicking the "Image" button toward the top left of pdfescape, you can upload the ads of your choosing. Once the upload is finished, you'll see instructions above the blank template that read "Click and drag on page to insert a new object." You can either click on the top left corner and drag your mouse to the bottom of left of one of the three sections on the template, or tap to past the full size ad. You will, have to resize by dragging the black squares at the corner of your uploaded ad though, so you might as well save yourself the time and drag from corner to corner to paste. After you've placed your ad, click the "Image" button, each time for the remaining two ads. When you have completed your placement, click on the button on the far left edge that has a green square with two white "v" shaped arrows pointing down. Then just open the file from any computer with a printer, and print your wrap. You can alternatively click the print button right below the green square, but this wont save your label for reprinting.

    Added step for water protection: (Thanks to Icemanxxxv) You can additionally spray both sides of the your printed wrap with a clear coat spray sealer to help protect it from water.

    You could use other images too, like sport teams, or wedding pics, if this is for a spouse- whatever tickles your fancy. Please upload whatever you come up with, and would like to share. I would really like to see where people take this. Special thanks to AceByTerror for sparking this DIY! I hope to collaborate with him again, and I can't wait to see his reproduction of the original vintage Gillette tin.
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  2. Nice. When is the first batch going on bst?
  3. StuMcB

    StuMcB Contributor

    Nice thanks for the links
  4. clk


    This is a great idea for a gift.
  5. Good job Sir!

    I will add any new ones I make here for the group! I have some great ideas... unfortunately the "real" job is hitting me hard these last few weeks. Come the Christmas break I will be going into shaving craft overdrive :)

    I just picked up a new powerful heater for my garage so i can work on my lathe in there over the winter. It's already getting cold up here in the great white north! :)


  6. A28


  7. I dig it!
  8. nicely done sir!
  9. Very cool! I use a mason jar with a slot cut in the top.

    one day... many moons from now... its going to make a really neat photograph!
  10. Fantastic job! Thank you (both)!!
  11. Very nice, thanks for sharing this you guys!
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    Ooo...I like this idea as well... any complaints if I steal this idea? :biggrin1:
  13. Neat Idea! I can't wait to make my own.
  14. oh my goodness no. :) enjoy
  15. If anyone can find any good vintage ads aimed at women (women's products), please PM me. I've done some searching, and have so far come up with nothing. I would like to add them to the zip.
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  16. Very cool idea!
  17. I saw this post last night and just had to make one. Mine is a bit different a bit smaller and without the blade silhouette. I used a tomato paste can I dug the can out of the trash. Cut a slot in the top and soldered it back on. Scrubbed it with a green scotch brite pad shot it with brake cleaner then white paint. I shrunk down the label on my scanner and printed it in black and white then coated it with matte finish sealer. While the paint was still tacky I wrapped the label around the can and finished the label off with a bit of brushable super glue. Best thing is it' been deemed acceptable for counter display by SWMBO!

    $Winged Wet 001.jpg $Winged Wet 002.jpg $Winged Wet 003.jpg $Winged Wet 004.jpg $Winged Wet 005.jpg
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  18. Very cool!
  19. After the film shoot I touched up the paint around the top seam. Looks better. Funny how a photo will bring out the blems!
  20. Nice work man! I love seeing this thing getting spread around!!!

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