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  1. Dear Wetshavers

    I would like to declare my disgust in dealing with forum member Chef8489. I traded some TOB shave creams for a Merkur HD. He received the shave creams, butI did not received my HD. This HD was meant as a present for somebody. After several attempts to contact him and several PM's I discovered that he was last active on 13 March.

    I thought that the members of this forum were honest gentlemen, but it seems to me that crooks are everywhere. Be careful in dealing with this member.... you will have your fingers burnt.

  2. Can you give us more specifics? Perhaps a timeline of events? This is not the type of thing we see happen around here, so it's likely there is an explanation of some sort. I understand your frustration, though.
  3. A link to the thread, please?

  4. Hi Steven,

    Sorry to read about your negative experience. If the HD was shipped from the States, it would have had to have been sent using a Customs Form - Customs Declaration CN22 I'm not sure if there are more recent form numbers, but the one that I have in front of me is PS Form 2976

    I'm sure that you have the shipping address for Chef8489 (As well as his real name.). What you can do is to contact the United States Post Office that serves his area, as the Customs Forms are kept on file at the Post Office where the item was shipped for 30 days.

    I know that it's not much to go on, but it's worth a try. If you can act upon it immediately, and that the 30 days has not already expired, you'll at least know if your HD was indeed shipped, or not. Good luck!

  5. I've done business with Steven before and even with some unexpected delays, it was a pleasant experience. If he is frustrated with a transaction, I am inclined to believe him.
  6. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences trading within this community. But I suppose one could check the posting history of the other gent and have a look at his activities in the trading/selling forum...
    Good luck, Steven.
  7. I've had things get held at Customs for weeks with no explanation and completely out of the authority of the sender. In these cases, there is nothing that you can do except to wait for Customs to clear the parcel.

  8. +1
  9. Despite the Customs-Hold and mail delay possibility, I think that it's important for Chef8489 at a minimum, to respond to the PM's and e-mails from Steven.

    We shouldn't be providing excuses and potential explainations for Chef --He needs to be responding to Steven and acting to resolve this issue. Steven should not be left in limbo, wondering what is going on.

    -- John Gehman
  10. +1. The seller is responsible at the VERY least for communication to the buyer if there is a potential problem. Many a dispute could have been resolved with a few well placed e-mails.
  11. Too bad you got hosed. Have you tried searching his address online for a phone number and giving the gent a call? Maybe there's a good explanation for all this. I once had to wait 3 months for something on ebay because the lady selling it got into a near fatal car accident. No use assuming anything until you know for sure.
  12. +2

    You would think if he wanted to straighten this out, he would have contacted Steven or at the very least, replied here in this thread. The thread is about him and it is in the section that Chef8489 advertised to trade his HD. I would think he monitors the Shaving Mall (I know I can't help it :blushing: :biggrin: ).
  13. maybe he got called up. I remember his avatar was a guy in uniform. I hope that the issue would be resolved. I talked him out of practically giving away a nice custom pipe once for sale. I did wonder why he was "giving away" that great pipe, when he could have flogged it for double the price at a pipe forum... (ooop! right now, some poor sob at pipes.org is still waiting in vain for his bulldog that will never arrive! sorry chaps for sicking him on ya!)

    I make light of this with all due respect. Hope for the best here.... Usually, when I actually come right out and "accuse" is when I find my wallet/discover the missing $20 bill/ locate my car keys, etc.
  14. netsurfr

    netsurfr Vendor

    I would try to keep a positive face on this for a while.
    I have personally been in a situation where I was out of the country for 6 weeks or more in an area where the Internet connectivity was virtually nonexistant.

    Good luck on this getting resolved. Keep thinking positive!

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