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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by michiganlover, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I purchased one of the new Cadet razors recently from Shave A Buck. Mine is the Model SS26/ TP26 which is a three piece razor with a black/ chrome handle reminiscent of a Gillette Super Adjustable, or Black Handled Superspeed.

    I have had one shave with it so far, and here are my initial impressions:

    -The chrome finish is acceptable, but not without minor flaws; the two cap studs having imperfect plating.
    -The head design is similar to that of an Edwin Jagger/Muhle but with a much larger blade gap
    -The handle has a decent amount of weight too it.
    -The threaded stud coming out of the top cap is extremely long; I counted 10-11 full revolutions to remove the head from the handle.
    -This is an extremely loud shaver.

    Here is what I used for it's initial trial run:

    -22mm Whipped Dog Black Badger custom brush
    -Suds and Sparkles Tobacco Shaving Soap
    -Dorco St301 blade
    -Generic Witch Hazel
    -Old Spice WhiteWater Aftershave

    I got a very nice shave, with just a couple really minor cuts. Overall I like the shave. Certainly more testing is needed, but so far I am liking this razor.
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  2. Just for further info, there are presently 9 models of the Cadet Razors; some of them are three piece, and some of them are Twist to Open/ Butterfly.

    They also sell a conversion kit for $12 to convert your Cadet razor to an open comb design.
  3. Hey John, noticed those razors also. They look pretty good, and I am glad to hear positive feedback. I thinking of pulling the trigger on one of them. I also noticed that the long handle Sabi T2 is not there anymore, liked the looks of that one also.
  4. Thanks for the review:)
    Question: does the head fit other handles?
  5. And.. would the handle fit other standard heads?
  6. Some photos for your viewing pleasure:




  7. Looks pretty good to me!
  8. My Edwin Jagger handle was able to pair with this head. My Ball End Tech handle would not, as the threads don't go deep enough in the handle. My Weber handle is not tapped for use with Muhle/ Edwin Jagger heads, so it was not able to mate with this head.

    The deciding factor on using this head with other handles is going to be the depth of the threads of the handle. I suspect many handles will not be deep enough to accommodate the extra length of the threaded stud.

    I was able to successfully mate the handle with my Edwin Jagger head, and with my Tech head. It won't mate with my Weber head, as the collar of the handle is too big to fully seat onto the Weber head.
  9. RKG


    Consider that a Merkur or Jagger only costs about $10 more.
  10. One could make that argument on any razor at this price point. Why buy a new TTO, when a superior vintage one is available for the same price?

    What it really comes down to, is that we should be encouraging vendors to seek out new product offerings for us. We encourage them by buying their products.
  11. Today was shave 3 with my Cadet razor. I got a great shave, with no nicks, and it is super smooth.

    This is a good quality razor, at a good price. :biggrin1:
  12. Does the package day where it is made?
  13. This seems to be a big secret- even shaveabucks web site only says comes from overseas. Wonder what is being hidden here?
  14. RKG


    I agree with you. I purchased a Sabi 3 piece razor from Shaveabuck last summer. This was the model that preceded the recent bulbous handle model. I think it was a good value at $14. A heavy mildly aggresive razor. I would have bought another one for the very heavy handle alone, but they no longer carry that model.
    The Cadet razors intrigue me, and I probably would have ordered one if the price had been a little lower. I was following them on Shaveabuck when they were pictured, but no prices were listed.
    I'm interested to hear reviews of the TTO models.
  15. For the money, those look like nice handles, they are 3" right?
    Alas, unless I know the country of origin, I wouldn't buy them...
  16. Hard to argue with that, I just scored a really sweet 40's Superspeed off ebay, less than $8 shipped. However, one of the reasons I picked up a Fatip was because I wanted a new shaver. I like vintage, but it's nice to get something brand new and shiny.
  17. India...no secrets at the Buck.

    In the end I guess it will depend on if you are O.K using an old razor or like the handles and quality of these.
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  18. How do these compare to the Sabi?

    I have a Sabi T1 handle on my R41 & T2 as is, the T2 shave is comparable to a Progress at 3 and a Futur at 2- 2.5.

    Very nice smooth close shaves, They have to be the most underrated razors going, past or present.

    If these Cadets are close in quality of shave they will share the distinction.

    IMO of course.
  19. Den


    John, nice write up. You got me curious. I'm seriously considering the same model you got, and adding the OC head.

    The only question remaining for me is do you have fiddle around to lineup the blade exposure on each side of the head, or can you just drop the blade in and tighten?
  20. These would be better quality than the past offerings. Thanks for the compliment, there have been a few items we marketed that never got the love it deserved.

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