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  1. Noob here.

    Are there any discount or overstock websites for soaps, creams, or after shaves?
    I can't seem to find any online.
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    I have not found a great variation in price. If you shop all the vendors you might find a very small difference on creams/soaps. Your best bet is to really buy a lot so you qualify for free shipping.:thumbup:
  3. Here is a link to the discount codes that are accepted by vendors who support B&B:

    Additionally, you can check out the "Shopping and Deals" section of the Forum. Here, members post coupons, deals, and sales they have discovered at both on-line and brick and mortar stores.
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  4. +1 I've never found discount sites that offer the wet shaving products at a huge discount. Most of the vendors offer free shipping for around the $80 or less.... so if you can save up a little and make a purchase of a good size lot you at least can save on the shipping. As with everything, good deals are to be found from time to time.... but in my experience there are no "discount sites" offering older stock items for a huge markdown.

  5. probably the best deals i have found were free shipping with $25 purchase on some sites.....on cyber monday one site had free shipping and 20% off so that was nice to buy a single product with free shipping and at a discount.
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    None that I know of. It always depends what you're after. In my case, I simply did an excel spreadsheet of my favourite products in each row. In the column, I added the stores that I go to and then I write the price. I would write the price in red if it goes on special since stores have the habit of going back to the same special. If I need something, I usually check my best special and fall back on my cheapest option.

    I was surprised to see that something like Mennen Skin Bracer was $1.79 at one grocery store and the variation goes up to $3.50 to other groceries or pharmacies around me. For the exact same bottle/size!
  7. I don't think that's possible for items other than Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer, and other U.S.-based items that are known to the public at large. The consumer base as a whole doesn't know about shaving forums, where we are introduced to exciting products and the people who sell them. Vendors have to assume considerable risk on the kind of response a particular product will receive, and probably take a bath on many of them.
  8. Best place for EDC and AS are at your local discount stores. I found some decent EDC priced way down at Marshalls
  9. You can occasionally find soaps/brushes/whatever at or sierra trading post. You just have to check them.

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