disapointing first shave with edwin jagger/feather

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  1. Just had my first shave with my new Edwin Jagger (ivory handle), It is very nicely weighted and seemed to glide over my face with a feather blade fitted.
    Unfortunatly gliding was all it did, I had a very hard job Getting a close shave.
    I used some of the sandlewood shaving cream that came with the razor, got a great lather, shaved WTG, XTG x2, ATG and a polish and still had a hard job getting the hairs under my chin. The Big Roc that I have been using was far more aggressive than this razor.
    Everywhere apart from under my chin is very smooth, but i ended up cutting myself quite a bit trying to get my neck sorted.
    I saved at 4pm after getting in from work, so maybe my face was a little tired for shaving, I have also shaved every day so maybe I need to give my face a rest as I am still new to de shaving (2 weeks).
    Is the jagger known as a mild shaver?
    I am waiting for my 1962 Gillette slim adjustable to come from America, maybe I just need an adjustable razor to dial up the shave a little for my tough beard.:001_unsur
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  2. No, the Jagger is a middle of the road razor, not too mild, not too aggressive. I have called it the Goldilocks porridge of the DE world on many occasions.

    Sounds to me like you need to work on your shaving technique.

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  3. +1 for working on your technique. Think you may need to figure that perfect angle out since every razor is a little different.
  4. Your shaves will get better. I just did my 4th shave this AM with my EJ DE89l. My first I burned and weeped the hell out of my face. Now no burns and no weeps and the shaves get closer. Good Luck
  5. I agree with turtle, EJ razors are not too mild.....but the slim is one of my best performing razors, so that's good to have in the den.... Good luck !
  6. I've had both the EJ DE89 and a Slim. I actually found it easier to find the correct shaving angle with the Slim, so you might find your technique improving more quickly once you get your vintage Gillette.

    Also, Feather blades are less forgiving while perfecting your shaving technique because they are so very sharp. I didn't switch to them until I had been shaving a lot longer. You might consider trying a different blade, such as an Astra SP or a Polsilver Super Iridium, both of which I find to feel smoother than Feathers.

  7. Gonna join the crowd and say technique. You have a very popular EJ and you also have in my opinion the gold standard of blades. If you get the angle of the blade right while shaving, it will go through the hairs without even flinching. but if you get the angle wrong, all you are doing is rubbing chrome over your face. Keep practicing, and if it helps, try to pay attention to the angle.. 30 degrees seems to be the accepted angle, which i know is impossible to really judge. Just go slow, and adjust the angle slightly as you go along, and you'll feel the sweet spot of the razor. After some practice, you'll get it, and you'll be blown away by how well DE's, especially yours, shave.
  8. Cheers all for the advice, only my neck area was a real problem, I probably need more work on my technique and prep. I have popped a gillette 7oclock yellow in for tomorrow.
    I have a tester pack with some lords, astra, shark. Was going to buy a 100 pack of the 7 oclocks or feathers, seen some feathers for £20 delivered. may be best to try a few b4 i buy 100 pack of anything
  9. Another one for technique; you may need to be patient and practice more on your technique as the EJ89 is a very nice and mild razor and if you were getting good shaves every except you chin and neck, then this points to technique, in my opinion. Keep practicing and if you still think it is too mild for you, you could try shimming the razor. Good luck.
  10. Home from work at 4pm, nice shower, lather face, very hot cloth on face, rince and apply a little shaving oil, made a nice creamy lather with edwin jagger cream and applied over oil, 4 pass shave and a head shave. So much better, still not baby smoothe on neck but as smooth as my mach 3, my head was so easy and that is baby smooth. I am thinking if my head was so wasy them maybe i am over shaving my neck and need to let the hair grow a little longer.
    I really love the extra me time I get when I shave, and love the extra pampering I give my face. I did notice I had to apply alot of face balm to my face as it just drank it in.
    I needed to use a little more soap for my head so |I used some erasmic shaving stick that I use like a puck, I think this is still fantastic and lathers up so well for such a cheap soap (50p)
  11. Keep the shaving directions as you did except for the under chin.
    Try this one for the under chin:

    - skip WTG for your under chin.
    - start with XTGx2 and do an inbetween XTG and ATG as angle, if you get it 45 degrees is perfect.
    - do last pass ATG, but make sure you only stretch the skin to a level where it doesn't feel like razor is pulling it off.
    Worked for me, YMMV, but you never know.
  12. If someone told me they had a bad shave with a DE89 and a Feather, I'd blame the Feather.
  13. i used a gillette 7oclock yellow the second time. the sampler pack came with the blades loose in their packets in an envelope, its not impossible they may have got knocked in transit. I have some super max titanium and derbys that are perfect. may be best to try pick some blades up from a shop.
    cheers for the help all

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