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  1. I am really curious as to just how large this scuttle is. I am planning to buy one, but I was just wondering if anyone could give a perspective as to how big it is. Pictures would be best, but descriptions are just as appreciated. I like to have lots of room to move my brush around when I am making lather, so I'm thinking this would be the one for me, but according to the description on the site, and from reviews, it should only be this big if I am using a big brush. I don't have any particularly large knot brushes (yet, at least) but if the small one is big enough, I would rather just get that. If you guys have any input or feedback of other scuttles of the same price ($60.00) then I wouldn't mind hearing that before I finalize my decision. Can you guys help me out?
  2. I've wondered the same exact thing. Once I got into wet shaving it solved the Birthday/Christmas annual problems when SWMBO would ask "what would you like for Birthday/Christmas this year? This year's birthday gift will be a Dirty Bird scuttle, but I need to refine which size I would like.

    I mostly use 22-24 mm badger and slightly smaller Semogue boars which I would consider to all be medium size brushes. I"m leaning towards the Dirty Bird 1.0, but am concerned that it might be too small. According to the dimensions on the Dirtybird Pottery web site, it looks like it would be a half an inch larger diameter than an the interior dimensions of an Old Spice mug.
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  4. That DB thread will help you out, but let me say that I was a bit worried about the size of the 1.5, and when it came I found that it fit perfect. It'll have all the room you need, so I'd say don't worry about it, you'll be glad that you got it.
  5. It's not so much that the DB is massive, but compared to a G5, the height is what causes the 1.5 to look like a monster. The bottom of the scuttle really does not take up any more room than lets say the G5 or 1.0, but because it's taller, it makes it more difficult to have other items on the counter top beside it. Observe.

    Here is a photo of my Colonel and HD beside my old G5.

    $G5 Hamada (3).jpg

    And this one I took about 2 mins ago. Same Colonel and HD beside the 1.5 (exact same spot on my counter top.)


    Hope this helps.
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  6. Thanks everyone. I think I know what I'm getting. DIRTY BIRD 1.5, HERE I COME!

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