Dior Leather oud

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  1. Thoughts? Who's tried it? I've been having great conversation about this one; let's bring it public for others to enjoy.

    Anyone else get the ashtray note at first?

    For me, the more I sniff, the more i enjoy it. It seriously just keeps getting better.
  2. I expected to really love this scent, but it has left me cold. I wanted more complexity, maybe even the tiniest bit of something sweet to balance out the dryness. All I smell is an earthy oudish scent. Where is the leather?

    I wanted to like this one, I really did.
  3. Oh, I really liked this. It surpassed my expectations (I have a bunch of vintage Diors but nothing modern). In fact, I expected to be entirely disappointed. It has great longevity, the oud smells authentic and - sorry, Tim - I get leather too. The oud and leather seem to marry and marry well all the way to the end, and they lived happily ever after. Leather Oud prompted me to try some of their others: Vetiver (very well done) and Bois d'Argent (haven't tried yet).
  4. I have a sample of this and the vetiver to get too. Man, soooooo many samples I've yet to try. I do have high expectations for this one and will only spring for a bottle if it meets them. It's got to blow me away though....
  5. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    I like the new avatar.

    I agree completely with your notes and impressions on this one. Surpassed my expectations, too. I would not know authentic oud, from what I can tell. But whatever is going on in this scent, I like it. This is a monster for a modern scent. Hugely muscular. I do not get ashtray so much. I am going by memory and will try it again. But regardless of ashtray or not seems like lots of animalic stuff going on.

    Sounds like I need to try the others in the line, too.
  6. joshmpdx

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    I thought I may have oversold this one to you, Tim and after wearing it yesterday, I realized I did no such thing.

    Yes, right out of the gate, there is a pretty big medicinal blast. From my experience working with leather and oud aroma chemicals, it's pretty typical, however it is short lasting. What the fragrance moves into, from my perspective is a huge dry leather with a backdrop of oud. I actually have a hard time pulling it out at any point during the frags life, it seems soley used to make the leather that much bigger.

    This is one, I could wear to the office, on the weekend, or out to dinner with friends. Definitely not one to wear in the summer or to the tennis court ...ever.
  7. jakespoppy

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    I'm starting to conclude that I'm not a big fan of leather scents, especially those that are very dry, pure leather scents. The ones that I do enjoy have more than just leather going on, generally some spiceness, like Hermes Bel Ami, or a hint of dark, dirtiness like MPG Parfum D'Habit, or even a touch of floral & vetiver, like the new Floris Mahon Leather, which I've seen some comment "where's the leather?". So it seems the less it's just leather, the more likely that I'll like it. Of course, YMMV! :wink2:
  8. randy, have you tried the dior yet? i can't remember... ( don't think i've sent it yet) interested to hear your impressions for sure.

    i tried the floris mahon leather and it was quite dull to me.

    i'm not a fan of gft spanish leather. love mem english leather. not sure where those fit in on the leather scale, though.
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  9. jakespoppy

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    I haven't tried the Dior, but I liked the Mahon Leather. It smells to me like someone took the floral Monsieur de Givenchy and added a touch of soft, light seude on top of it.
  10. So I revisited this today and it's just not for me. Too much medicinal funk. Too animalic for me. Smells like a janitor's closet inside a hospital... You guys can have all you want!
  11. good to have a different perspective. when i first got it all i smelled was ashtray. i though, what did i get myself into here?? more i wore it i really began to like it. also, reading others' notes on what they have picked up has made exploring it quite enjoyable. hey, you gave it a good fair shake and realized it's not your juice. nothing wrong with that at all.
  12. Randy - I'm wearing the new Bottega Veneta today and think it may be more of a leather scent you are after. It is a very simple fragrance pyramid, but you can easily pick up all the notes. The opening has a little bergamot and pink pepper and this smoothly transitions into the heart where the jasmine is dominant and the leather is subdued. The leather is more like smelling a woman's handbag or something. Very, very light. I'm starting to pick up the base where the oakmoss is the main player. I know this is marketed for woman, but I find it totally unisex and pretty well done.

    Back on topic though - I better wear Dior Leather Oud tomorrow so I can join in on this discussion.
  13. professorchaos

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    That is true at first exactly what I like about it - medicinal funk. Yum. Towards the end of the day it becomes a patchouli not unlike Mazzolari's Lui
  14. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    Well said! I will have to pay more attention to the end game of this one. Bring on the funk! This one really grabs me. May not be my everday scent, but I love the concept.

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