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What camera would you select?

  1. Nikon D40

  2. Canon Rebel XTI

  3. Pentax K100D Super

  4. Other

  5. Nikon D40

  6. Canon Rebel XTI

  7. Pentax K100D Super

  8. Other

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  1. Hi all,

    I am seriously considering purchasing a digital SLR. I am looking at the Pentax K100D, Nikon D40 or the Canon Rebel XTI. I am probably leaning toward the Nikon since I have a Nikon SLR that I can use the lenses for the DSLR. I have looked at the Pentax and it gets very nice reviews but I have never used a Pentax. My daily camera is a point and shoot Canon SD600 which I love.

    Any others I should be looking into, what about online shops that you'd recommend?

    Any thoughts or comments?

    Thank you.

    In order to fund this purchase...I may be selling some nice shaving items. I may have to offer up a Plisson or my Toggle or Sticky. So much for that new straight that I want :)

  2. I love's my canon 10d and you can't go wrong with the lens options with canon.

  3. If I remember correctly, the D40 doesn't have the autofocus motor inside the body, therefore, it can only autofocus with more recent Nikon lens offerings like the AFS type ones (motor in the lens) - so if your older lenses require the mechanical coupling between the camera body/lens, you won't be able to use them on the D40 anyways.

    So, if you already have Nikon lenses that you intend to keep (as in, they are good expensive lenses that you like and would have to pay top $$$ to get again from another brand...), you might want to stay with a Nikon SLR that can fully use them. If not - I'm sure any of the choices above will be a good camera, just make sure you take a look on the available lenses / prices so you know you are not limited on what you can get in the future.
  4. Forgot to add that if $$ is an issue, due to the appearance of the new D80/D200/D300 stuff, you can find good deals on used D70/D70s (cameras are virtually the same, minor differences, both 6MPs) that will use any type of Nikon autofocus lenses and are really nice cameras - don't be put off by the 6MPs, it really only matters for cropping tighter or printing above letter size.
  5. you can use the lens(i have a D40x) but will have to focus manually. the kit lens is ok. you may want to start with it.:a4:
  6. +1

    10D all the way.
  7. if your nikon lens gear is older non afs motor type, and you have a significant investment in good glass (3 or more lenses valued at over the cost of the D40x). then I would look at the D80. It is a much better body that supports AF on older lenses, and has 2 command dial instead of the one on the D40.

    If you lens investment is light, I would highly recommend canon. Their lenses are of equal or greater quality to Nikons, and are generally cheaper. Canons L series lenses are legendary and they make f/4 variants of these pro zooms starting at $500 (17-40mm & 70-200mm) which is a steal. Canon is also the only company other than sony who manufactures their own sensors. This is why they have had the image quality lead for so long.

    good luck and happy hunting.
  8. Yeah, what coffeecan said. If you have a substantial Nikon lens collection, thats the way to go. If you'r starting fresh, I say canon all the way. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice, though.

  9. The Nikon is excellent. Then again, so is the Canon. It's always a 50-50 split, on the SLR websites... :)


  10. The Nikon vs. Canon debate is a lot like Ford vs. Chevy trucks. There are going to be some minor differences, but really it's hard to go wrong with either one.

    As others have pointed out, the major factor here is how much you have invested in your Nikon glass, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's not an awful lot, otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question, and would be looking at a higher-end Nikon already.

    One factor to take into consideration is that if you have a newer Nikon film camera with some automatic exposure features (i.e. Program, Shutter, and Aperature mode, exposure compensation, matrix metering, etc.) the Nikon might be a better choice, as I've trained people going from these newer film Nikons to a digital Nikon, and it's a breeze.

    On the other hand, if you don't have a lot invested in lenses and are using an older Nikon, it's really a toss-up between Canon and Nikon. You would be hard-pressed to go wrong with either, they're both great cameras.

    Personally, I shoot Nikon. I learned photography on a basic Nikon digital SLR (yeah, I'm a young'un) so I was used to the Nikon interface, and when it came time to upgrade, I went with a Nikon D200. I like Nikon's interface better and think it's superior in a few crucial areas, but that's just nitpicking.

    If you go Nikon, get the kit with the 18-55mm lens, it offers some of the best bang for your buck, and I still use mine a lot. It's just a -convenient- lens.

    Try to get to a store and handle both cameras and fiddle around with the interfaces, check out the ergonomics, and see what you think.

    When it comes time to purchase, check out B&H. Their prices are usually as low as anyone else's, but even when they're a little higher, I still order from them as their customer service is as good as it gets.

    Well, this is probably more information than you wanted. Whatever you choose, enjoy your new camera!
  11. Thank you all for your responses.

    I do not have a lot invested in equipment. I received a Nikon N60 film camera several years ago and enjoy it very much. I do not use it much these days as I use my Canon SD600.

    I am leaning toward the Nikon D40 but I keep thinking "but this is an older camera and I can get something newer for a bit more".

    I also love my Canon SD600 and keep thinking...stay with Canon...then I think about how much I loved my Nikon N60!


    My plan is to purchase the new DSLR for my birthday (Jan 26) so I have a few more days to make up my mind.

    I have compared the Canon and Nikon at the local Circuit City and really liked the feel of the Nikon.

    Thanks again for the help.

  12. I'm going to make your life a little more confusing. :)
    I also use a 55-200mm lens as an adjunct to the 18-55mm. However, I checked out the kit you're looking at, and Nikon has a newer version of their 55-200mm lens out which incorporates their VR (Vibration Reduction) system. This will help you get clearer pictures at slower shutter speeds by reducing the effects of hand shake. It's the lens I have, I picked it up right after it came out, and I'm very happy with it, the VR has gotten me some shots I would have otherwise missed.
    So, if I were you (which I'm not) I might put off the purchase of the longer lens and save up the $100 or so for the version with VR.

    And by the way, we share a birthday...I went with a Feather AC.
  13. My uncle has been the lead photographer for a few well-known magazines for over 20 years. He only uses Nikon. He grudgingly switched to digital but said he hasn't been disappointed with Nikon.
  14. Although I have Nikon equipment myself (on the 3rd body now and several lenses), if you are starting from scratch, any good Nikon or Canon body + lenses will serve you well - if you can though, go to a shop and pick up your Nikon/Canon candidates and check them out, you might end up noticing some particular detail/characteristic that seriously annoys you or that you really like, and that will also help you make a decision.

    Remember you'll have to lug it around, operate it, fumble with buttons, the menus and all that - you want to like the thing, or else you'll leave it at home and not take photos :)
  15. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    I like the Nikons and would take any of the D series. I have have a D-70 for about three years now and although its heavy I wouldn't trade it for any other brand.
  16. Matey, rather than the D40, have you looked into the D40X? It's a fantastic camera, and comes with the same 18-55 kit lens. The D40X came out about 6 months after the D40, and annoyed all the D40 owners who would otherwise have bought the D40X. :)

    Friendly, great functionality, great photographs.

    If you buy it before the end of February, you also get £40 ($80) cash-back by returning a coupon in the box.


  17. +1 on the D70 - I had one, sold it and got my D200 (really happy with it, but I wish it had the battery life of the D70).
  18. check out for the price as well .. i normally get better deals from them... then from any other place
  19. The sensor on the D40 is generally considered to be superior to that of the D40x in all but resolution. Both would be fine choices, however.

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