Difference between TOBS sandalwood cream and TOBS sandalwood soap

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by cstrouse, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. How different is the soap from the cream? I have the cream and love the smell but it hasn't been lasting very long so far.
  2. Have both. Think the soap is a bit milder in scent than the cream, but still very nice. Neither will last after rinsing off the lather if that is what you are asking. Great product!
  3. Do you still get the same thick and creamy lather with the soap? I've never used a soap, but I'm going to make the jump soon.
  4. Will generalize. Think the cream is thicker and creamier by a bit; think the soap is slicker. I face lather so it depends on how good a job I do getting it whipped up on my face. Both do a perfectly fine job.
  5. By not lasting I didn't mean the scent but rather how long the container would last for.
  6. A tub of TOBS cream should last most shavers at least 2-3 months of daily shaves, less of course if you also shave your noggin or otherwise require a huge amount of lather or prefer overly thick/dry lather. It's fairly concentrated stuff and I can get enough for 4-6 passes just from a roughly almond sized dollop, of course hard water can wreak havoc with product amount required.
  7. I have had my tub for probably well over two years, but have been rotating through a variety of products. Only use it once or twice a month in the summer; more frequently in the winter.

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