Didn't expect quite that much blood :)

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  1. Howdy, figured it was time to join after reading a lot of posts here - last night for the first time in my life I tried shaving with something other than an electric or a cartridge razor. Money is a little tight so I didn't want to spend a lot of cash on something that might not work out so I bought an inexpensive Parker SR1 off Amazon with the Ver Der Hagen shave set. I figured I could stand to lose $30 if I really hated it - other than making the bathroom look like a crime scene when I was done I enjoyed the experience! I don't know if I'm up for the entire straight razor experience yet, but considering trying a safety razor as well. Still have to practice and figure out exactly what I'm doing, but I have plenty of blood left so here we go.
  2. Welcome! I'm new too. I actually don't even have a DE razor yet. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting one from my wife for Christmas. Actually I know I am. But anyway it's good to meet you. The guys here are really cool and super helpful.
  3. Welcome! Sorry to hear about the blood bath... don't let it deter you from DE shaving. Learn as much as you can from the members here and watch some mantic59 videos on You Tube. With patents and time you should be able to improve your technique and enjoy your shaves.
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    Hi, fellow n00b here too. Been at it for about a month now but still looking for that magical combination of razor + blade. I find that when I shave at night when I have more time to concentrate on my technique my shave quality goes up and my blood loss goes down. I've had quite a few DFS but only got to BBS a couple of times. Watching videos on Youtube has really helped as I'm a visual learner - mantic46 and SmokedTails have been extremely informative and have helped me to refine my technique (and fuel my AD's).
  5. Welcome! And sorry, i remember those days
    Angle and too much pressure. The razor should do all the work without any pressure being used.
    Check out this video too for angle.
    Remember to gradually reduce the beard on each pass, not eliminate it all at once. If there is no cream on your face don't run the blade over it.
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  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome remember to get good at this will take time !
    Enjoy Your Shave !
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    Welcome to B&B. Yes, too much pressure and blade angle most likely caused your issue. My usual advice is to let the weight of the razor do the work for you. I use two fingers and my thumb to hold the razor with another finger resting on the tip of the handle. This results in holding the razor very lightly with no pressure on the razor. You want to hold the razor as lightly as you can without it falling from your hand. This post may help you. Also, take a look at this wiki. It may help you, also. If you use a loose grip most likely you won't put too much pressure on the razor. Here is a good post that will help you on blade angle.
  9. Welcome aboard B&B. Hope you enjoy the ride. Listen to Jim (ackvil). He knows what he is doing and if you follow his advice, so will you.

    Looks like you are off to a good start. Practice and patience will pay off with better and better shaves.
  10. Hi. Welcome to B&B. Please take a look at youtube videos by Mantic59. He gives a very good introduction and teaches how to use a double edge razor and more. Please look through all that series before you try again.
    Good Luck
  11. Welcome!
  12. Welcome! If you shave daily, you'll be surprised how quickly things like pressure and blade angle will become second nature to you.

    Keep coming back!
  13. I've got a Parker SR-1 also, which I only use for the sides and back of my neck when in a barracks-type situation giving and getting haircuts. I've never tried it on my face; I go with a DE for that, though I own a couple of actual straights.

    Good luck, and welcome aboard!
  14. Welcome

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