DFS over BBS on purpose

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by noahpictures, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Anyone here that aims for a DFS instead of a BBS in order to shave more often?
  2. i have to because of ingrowns from bbs
  3. I just go for a 3 pass shave that leaves my stubble close and my face feeling comfortable.
  4. I tend to mix it up a bit,. Sometimes BBS, sometimes a single xtg to get by, and sometimes just miss a day to get to attack a bit more growth.

    But, yes, I'm always looking forward to the next shave. :thumbup:
  5. I suppose I do; I've come to the conclusion that BBS is not going to happen on my neck, and I am fine with that. If it happen one day I'm more than ok with that. But if I only go for a DFS I will not have any irritation, which is my shaving goal. Anyone that I encounter won't be able to tell the difference just from looking, and SWMBO is happy with my current shaves so :thumbup:.
  6. JCD


    I always go for a DFS, as long as I feel BBS with and cross grain I'm good to go.
  7. I'm one of those old school guys that just cannot leave the house without shaving. Everyday for me. I do two passes with my 1951 Tech with a little touch up under the chin. It's always a DFS and if I hit on BBS so much the better.

    But to answer the question directly, I always target for a DFS. If BBS happens, it happens.:001_smile
  8. Even with a BBS I only get about 12 good hours if I'm lucky after that I'm definitively prickly about the face. Anything less than BBS and I get 6 to 8 before I have a random rough patch here and there. I guess my wiskers grow fast.
  9. I only go for BBS on my cheeks as per SWMBO's request, chin and neck DFS is good enough
  10. If I'm at a client site, I sometimes opt for a DFS over BBS. The last thing I want it blood on my white shirt color because of a weeper that I missed post shave. Otherwise, I try for BBS without sacrificing an irritation free shave.
  11. I can get BBS in two passes on my face, but I just go for DFS on my neck to avoid irritation.

  12. Not interested in BBS. DFS with healthy skin looks a lot better than BBS with red bumps and weepers.
  13. Amen to that, brother!!!!:thumbup1:
  14. 2 pass with a feather & EJ87...................
  15. This really is true. I don't get bumps or weepers, but when I do an ATG pass for that great, perfectly stubble-free feeling, I do get redness. Skipping the ATG pass just makes my skin look better.
  16. Some days a two pass and some days a three pass.
    I usually shave 5 times a week, and skip days alot.
    So far in my experience too many touch up attempts just make things worse.
    If I lather right and use the right blade/razor combo I have a DFS with three passes.

    But I am still trying blade and razor combos so the "holy grail" might still be out there for me. But I am striving to keep buying addictions so rampant on this board from infecting me:thumbup:

  17. I don't have to 'settle' for DFS, it's the norm. I'm still not that skilled yet that I can easily get BBS everyday without spending a great deal of time and risking irritation and injury.

    Besides, SWMBO had already given her stamp of approval to DFS! Everything after that is just gravy...
  18. I go for DFS every time just because its a very nice shave, and the only one who knows you have a BBS is yourself. :thumbup1: Why risk the chance of lots of irritation? :thumbdown

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