DE's making a comeback?

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  1. Are DE's getting popular again? Or is this just a small group of guys who got sick and tired of high blade prices? I dont know anyone who is using one at the moment, but I plan on passing the word about wet shaving.
  2. I dunno, but I have converted my dad and two brothers. My dad then converted one of is friends. Who knows though, this may be a local experience.
  3. I hope wetshaving doesn't make a comeback. I feel smug when I see other guys with razor burn and stubble.

    BUT having said that I did try to convert a few people and nobody likes the idea spending big bucks on the initial investment, or the fact that they will have to un-learn just about everything they know about shaving.
  4. Id quot circumiret, circumveniat
  5. I've brought my father back to the old ways by giving him a nifty Gillette Slim. I figure that might be an effective way of creating converts . Offset the initial investment. You can get some pretty well-preserved vintage razors if you know where to look, or if you're lucky on eBay.
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    I don't think it will ever be "mainstream" so to speak. To many people buy in to the the multi-blade marketing and the companies who make those razors make too much money from them.
  7. Id quot circumiret, circumveniat.
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    Not always. I don't think black and white tv will:001_rolle

  9. I have to believe their making a comeback. More and more folks are joining this forum. Just look at how his little group has grown.

    Look at the price of razors or the numbers that go through Ebay or our own B/S/T each week.

    It's not only the best shave going but it's also healthier and green.
  10. Tuis pugis got me on that one!!:eek:
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    Will you drop the bad latin now? It's deader than black and with tv :tongue_sm
  12. I enjoy it. It's only bad latin if you don't undrstand it. If you don't like it, ignore it.

  13. One of the main reasons I am doing it because it is green, and I like tradition!
  14. Hey... I still have a Black & White TV....:001_rolle
  15. I've been converting numerous members on a different message board. Thus far I have about 10-15 converts to DE shaving :cool:

    The thread about DE shaving just hit 36 pages and 880 posts :eek:
  16. Don't convert too many....the price of blades will skyrocket!!!

    JK. I would be highly disappointed if they reached 2 bux a pop...Doubt that will ever happen!!

    Keep up the good work.
  17. i think there's a lot of people out there who try it and for whatever reason (i'm guessing time and effort) give up on it.

    i think with how people live their lives today, esp in the US, a person's time (for example the time it takes to figures this whole wet shaving out) is much more important then spending the extra few dollars on the mach 3.
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    Slowly but surely!

  19. there are 30 people here who post a lot. :biggrin: It just seems like a revolution.
  20. I sure hope wet shaving doesnt make a comeback. This stuff costs enough as it is. Could you imagine how much it would go up if EVERYBODY wanted it!?

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