DE's Brushes and EDT's

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  1. First off DE's
    From Left to Right
    1) gillette tech(good condition, nice and shiny) SOLD

    3) Gillette Slim( not the prettiest razor but in full working order)SOLD

    All include shipping

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  2. Rudy Vey Brush : 30mm knot at 53 loft. TGN finest, it is definetly a scrubby brush, I would love to keep it but need to pay some of my other AD's off. 2nd owner I payed 80 asking pendingREDUCED!!!!, used about 20 times by previous owner and a couple by me.

    From Left to Right
    1) St. Charles shave Oakmoss and Lavendula 2 0z , used once, payed 17 with shipping , asking 15 shipped.
    2) Dr. Harris Arlington Cologne 100ml, about 90% full, asking SOLDshipped
    3) Carven Vintage Vetiver 3.3 oz 95% full(price reduced) SOLD shipped plus a free matching aftershave.

    Thanks for looking

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  3. That Tech is a beauty. Possibly a '79? What are the markings on the head?
  4. PM sent on Gillette Tech.
  5. Sorry as I dont know much about DE's I usually only use straights
    Markings on head reads as follows"nREG US, Pat Off 2, Marcas Regs, and the top of the head reads Gillette, thats it. Im not sure if its a 79 or not
  6. Sorry - the Tech is still up for grabs - my mistake - I already have that model - and it's a beauty.

  7. @thewatermark - That Tech you have for sale is an export to Latin America or Mexico. Very nice indeed and fairly priced as well.
  8. pm sent on the gillette tech.
  9. Carven, hmmm
  10. Some of the prices have been reduced!
  11. I will take the slim
  12. I have a US address on the slim, thanks Dennis.
  13. Matt, gillette tech arrived safe. Thanks!

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