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    I'm offering half a den's worth of shaving gear and supplies. Don't know how to attach enough pictures, but if you are interested in some items, please PM me and I will send detailed pictures. Beautiful soft Edwin Jagger medium in Super Badger used about 20x boxed- $45. Simpson Special in Best Badger used 8 - 10 x boxed - $35 (Sold). Adjustable Gillette DEs: Very nice user grade FatBoy, a few tiny pinhead size spots on inside, some very light scratching on top. Mechanically smooth and perfect - wonderful shaver $45. Beautiful Black Beauty Slim Adjustable. - $30(Sold). 3-Piece Gillette DEs: Beautiful collector grade boxed Milord (my favorite DE) $30(Sold). Black tip and blue tip flair tip Super Speeds - $25 for both(Sold). 2 excellent user grade ball end techs, 1 with box and unwrapped original blade $25 for both(Sold). Nice user grade fat handled tech smooth mild shaver- $18. Collectibles: Fantastic Griffon Auto Strop machine (about 12" long) from the mid 1800s in beautiful working shape - $35(Sold). Barely, if ever used silver Valet AutoStrop with box, blade, strop and original instruction sheet - $30. Beautiful gold Valet AutoStrop in silver box with unopened blade - $30. Straights: Henkels Friodor stainless 5/8 - $45(Sold). Wester Bros De-Fi 5/8 like new $40(Sold).. Dubl Duck 6/8 Goldedge with gorgeous scales, some scratches on blade $60(Sold). Robeson ShureEdge 5/8 - $25(Sold).. Miscellaneous: Barber hones - Franz Swaty, like new and lapped - $20(Sold).. - Auto Keen with leather strop on back, beautiful condition - $22(Sold). Very nice coticule mounted on wood base $50. 2 Gem SEs - user grade Micromatic and like new Junior plus 19 CVS blades - $20 for all(Sold). Soaps - MFW unopened puck $10(Sold), Tobac - 2 pucks soap and 1 tube creme all unopened - $25 for all(Sold). Please PM me for detailed descriptions and pictures of specific items.
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  2. ...are there prices to these items?
  3. ??
  4. For those of you who, like me, immediately went TL:DR...

    Here you go...

  5. ouch

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    Thankee. I can actually read it now.
  6. pm sent 2 excellent user grade ball end techs
  7. PM sent about pics for the Robeson and SE razors.
  8. PM sent on Griffon and dubl duck
  9. PM sent on MWF...
  10. PM sent on the adjustable black beauty
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    pm sent on gems
  12. pm sent on coticule

  13. Another example of the selfless generosity here at B&B.

    Thank you for doing this.
  14. Guys,

    The Milord, Black Beauty, Dubl Duck, Griffen AutoStrop, Gems, ball-end techs and MWF are sold.

    Thanks, and sorry for my pitiful bulletin board skills. Thanks to Brad for making it readable!
  15. My post deleted. My apologies to all. Good luck with the sale!
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  16. PM sent on Tobac soaps.
  17. I just want to say to the OP that this is an incredibly classy thing to do. You are a good soul :thumbsup:
  18. Coticule still available!

  19. is that 1 mfw
    2 tabac
    1 tube creme
    all new for $25?

    if so that's a great deal! glws..
  20. I think it's $25 for two pucks of Tabac and one tube of Tabac - which is still a very, very good deal. The refill pucks alone are around $14 not including shipping.

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