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  1. Just received this brush from this ebay seller virtualvillage-usa, $25 shipped, looks like a good deal. I had a first great shave today with it, smelled like a dead rat and sheds quite a lot, will see how it'll hold in the future, it's a very nice brush much nicer than col conk entry level badger, it's a higher grade anyway and bigger.
    the ebay item is called "Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Handle for Best Shave" 19.99 plus 4.99 shipping, if there is already a bid on it, wait for the next one, there's plenty for everyone.
    one more thing, on the box it came in, says china shenyang delong fur & leather products, check their site, piles of brushes but no buy button, maybe if you email that dude, edward..
  2. Reading your report of the very first performance of this brush makes me rather suspicious. Any shaving brush for which you plunk down good money (be it of boar bristle or badger hair) should definitely not be shedding hairs like that first thing... :thumbdown ...and the smell you describe would lead me to believe that the hair was not properly prepared before being bound into the handle.

    I have had a quality badger hair shaving brush (nothing fancy) which has lost maybe two or three hairs (at most) over the past year.

    Yes, I know I paid perhaps two or three times what you did, but I am sure mine will last longer. Make your own comparison.
  3. I saw this brush on ebay as well and it certainly does sound like a bargain - provided the brush holds up. Let us know how it performs over the next few weeks.

  4. I bought a Silvertip DeLong from CottonBlossom (Feather blades) about a year ago for approx $50. It's been in my rotation ever since and has been a superb performer. A bit floppy, but no more so than any other silvertip. No stank or shedding.
  5. Stinking and shedding are all quite normal during the first couple of uses.

    If it continues to shed after a 2-3 week period I would be concerned.

    if it continues to smell after 1-2 weeks, too bad.. your badger may have been to one too many garbage bins in his/her lifetime.
  6. Since when is stinking a bad sign. Other than Shavemac, which must preclean their badgers (come on little guy, a little shower won't hurt you!) all of my good brushes really stunk at first. My B&B brush (ugggh!), my Simpson (whewww!), they all stunk. Washing them with borax and shampoo and using equally stinky creams like sandlewood seemed to do the trick and eventually they all ended up smelling like a Rose (trumpers rose, to be exact).

    That said, the shedding is more of an issue. Although some brushes shed a little, I've found that most good brushes don't shed much at all, even when new. Only my cheap Tweezerman keeps shedding, shave after shave, but at $10 a brush, I figure each shedded hair is only worth like 1 cent!

    Let us know how it goes. I should also add that I wrote to Cotton Blossom Crafts to get a review brush, and they declined, saying that they were having hassles importing them.
  7. The smell is long gone and the last 2 shaves turned out hairlosslessy:tongue: I guess that's it, I'm happy with the purchase
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    That's what counts! Enjoy!
  9. +1
  10. for anyone wanting to go to the site, the shaving brush page url is this:

    The guys who built the site need a little lesson in html as the seemed to have replaced "/" with "\" which ends up being read by browsers like "%5C". Also they don't understand that they can't have spaces in between anything, so there's a "%20" going on too... :rolleyes: So whenever you go to one of their pages and see "%5C" in the url, replace it with a forward slash and you'll be on your way.

    Interesting page. Thanks for bringing this to me attention!
  11. Wow! What a fantastic selection of different badger-hair grades, and those handles!! Holy cow!!! Thankfully, there aren't any prices listed, or an online order option.

    It's a good thing that "Nora" don't fool around...
  12. I have 4 I obtained from Cotton Blossom. 3 ST badger & 1 pure badger. The all metal handled st brush which they no longer carry shed about 2 hairs. The black handle with metal base shaves well though the metal base is a bit off center-its hand made! The tortoise handle brussh shaves well. The pure badger is soft but not floppy. No shedding & it makes tons of lather with creams or soaps, much to my chagrin. I was told to beware of shaving brushes made in the Far East, but I am satisfied with the Delong brushes I've purchased.
  13. I've been looking at these on the Cotton Blossom website. I wondered if they were any good. I'm glad to know someone likes them.
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    Oh man... a couple of those look exactly like my B&B brush!! :lol1: :wink:
  15. I cannot believe that people still have negative views about things made in the far east. Making a shaving brush is hardly rocket science. My Apple computer is made in the far east and it never lets me down.
  16. [​IMG]

    The thread's three years old.
  17. So perhaps people think differently now? I came across this thread doing some research on Delong on google today.
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