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  1. Well I see another member received his stone, figured I would play along and share a photo. Ozuku Kiita Lv 5+ is the new stone, the one without the marking is my previous Ozuku Nashiiji Lv 4,5. Interesting thing about the new stone is it was mined very close to the asagi the top half is Kiita, the bottom half is Asagi. If I knew of a fast, safe way of flattening the other side I'd do it and have a Jnat combo stone. :w00t:


  2. Wid


    Very nice. What size did you get?
  3. 145mm 83mm 15m. Formerly his recommended size for razors. Now he promotes the "SAN" size. I actually like this size better, can still hold it in the hand if I choose or lay it down flat on the sink under running water. Im very anxious to try it out!!!
  4. Nice stone,

    How is your honing progression on the JNATs?
  5. Well.....let me get back to you on that one. Not that its a big super secret, but when I hit the J-nat I tend to mindlessly in I dont really count laps, dilutions, etc......I just check along the way until Im satisfied.

    Right now I have been going with a red amakusa slurried and do several dilutions until its almost clear, then hit the 1K sigma pro, then onto an Aoto on slurry again until its Aoto is fairly hard, but I dont think it quite hits the 4K range so then I go onto a BBW for some laps until everything looks good under the loupe. From there I hit my J-nat and use a tenjio nagura.....this is where the mystery begins, because as I said before I dont really pay attention here.....after Im satisfied I rinse, and raise a slurry with my ozuku kiita nagura and proceed to hone, doing a few dilutions until once again Im happy with the outcome. After that I rinse everything off and proceed to do some laps under running water on the stone. This is all with my Nashiji, I have yet to flatten and test the kiita which Im hoping will bring an even finer edge than the nashiji.

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