Delayed Razor Burn?

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  1. Just wondering if delayed razor burn was possible. The worst razor burn I have ever given myself didn't take hold until 24-36 hours AFTER I shaved. Is this common? Is it even possible? I ask because most of the razor burn threads I have noticed have concerned shaves, which had recently been completed. For instance, a number of razor burn threads seem to go something like this: "once I completed the shave my neck was killing me. When I got to work that day, people asked me what I had done to my make my neck so red, etc." These comments obviously imply that razor burn manifests itself fairly rapidly, yet I swear that I didn't realize I had razor burn until more than a day after I had shaved. Has anyone else ever experienced "delayed razor burn" or am I the only one who has ever been afflicted by this mysterious...well, affliction. :)
  2. I have had this happen at least once. Thought I had an ok shave but I got angry at one spot on my neck that wouldn't BBS (never making this mistake again...), stung a bit when I splashed on my AS, but looked normal. I was on my way to a social gathering, so I was paying attention to my appearance for about an hour after the shave, and everything was still fine when I left the house. Got home several hours later and what do you know my neck is splotchy and red! how embarrassing...
  3. I've noticed some razor burn maybe an hour or 2 later, which I don't feel is out of the ordinary, but a day or more later I don't think I've every heard of. Not to say that its impossible, but the first thing I'd check is the amount of pressure you're using, then my angle's, and finally try a different blade. Also be sure that you're not over shaving in the same area's. By that I mean shaving the same spots again and again, trying for that elusive BBS. :bored: :mad3:
  4. I'm no skin expert, but that sounds more like a reaction to a product (soap, A/S) than skin burn.
  5. Only time I have ever had this happen was when I kept constantly rubbing an area that I didn't get quite BBS. I was DFS, but kept rubbing and asking where I went wrong. I agitated the area more than necessary. Aim for DFS- if you do feel your face up afterwards don't obsess over it- just make a mental note to pay more attention next time. This is a learning experience- you won't always get it right, just remember to accept "it is what it is".
  6. I did the same exact thing you guys did. I was obsessing over getting a BBS, and kept shaving the same 2 areas along/underneath my jawline about 15 times EACH. There were two small patches of stubble that I just COULD NOT seem to reach, so I tried to force my razor into the crevice of skin where these patches were, WHILE going over said patches time and time and time again. I tore the HELL out of this area, BUT I didn't realize it until a day later. I will never forget it. I had gotten in my car to drive somewhere, and looked in my rearview mirror only to feel a sharp pain when I attempted to turn my head. I was thoroughly confused for about 20 seconds, until I realized that I had probably done it while making about a million passes over the same two areas of skin (which happened to be the areas that were KILLING me) the day before. Sure enough, the first person who saw me that day said to me: "Dude, what the hell did u do to your neck. It is red as hell, and you have like a million tiny whiteheads all over it." :( Two days later, Staph Infection city. Ever since then, I have been paranoid as hell when shaving. I am scared to make more than 3-4 passes over any single area of skin/stubble, which means no more BBS for me. :angry:
  7. I had this happen once when I over extended a blade for that one last extra shave. I now stick to a three to five day cycle to go to a fresh blade.
    Live and learn.
  8. I bought a Merkur razor off of Ebay. The picture was very poor, but the price was right, maybe because of the poor photo. I thought it was an HD. A beautiful slant arrived. I shaved with for my first D. E. shave in 30 years and my face was as red as a beet. No nicks or cuts, just horrific razor burn. My son asked if I was okay and did I take my blood pressure pill? My face was red for three days.

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