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  1. 1963 Gillette Adjustable DE
    Setting it to a "5"
    Took my time...S L O W
    Three passes WTG
    One pass ATG

    C&E Sienna soap
    C&E BB
    Personna Blade

    The faces feels a little tight, but a very close shave.

    I shave my head daily as well with a Mach III. I went one pass WTG on the head with the DE, then finished it off with the Mach III. I was nervous to to ATG on the head this time as it was the 1st DE shave.

    Tomorrow I need to use a hot towel in pre-shave, like I read on another thread.

    How long before I dial up from a "5" to a 3..2..1?

    How long are those Personna blades good for...maybe two shaves?
  2. Heres what works for me - Buy a another non-aggressive DE (I use a old black handle Gillette SS. Cheap still on Ebay) and once the blade gets too dull for your face, its perfect for use on the thinner hair/stubble on your head. Even with a relatively dull blade you can very easily go ATG on your head with a DE. Once the blade gets too dull for your head, toss it out.

  3. If you want to dial it up you would have to go to a higher number from 5 not down. I might even sugest starting at around a 3.

    To answer your question though i would get some good shaves under your belt before you start cranking it up to 11. I don't want to use a suggested time because shaving is a skill and takes time to learn but i consider a good shave when you dont get any irritation or big weepers.

    As far as the blade life of a Perssona its definitely a YMMV thing.
  4. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Once you've found a setting on your adjustable that is comfortable, I would stick with it for a while.

    On blades, I would stick with 2-3 shave per blade until you get your technique down pat. At this point you can begin to push that limit to see how long a blade is going to last.
  5. Congrats . If there is anything here that is indisputable, It's that the more you shave, the better your shaves will become.

    Keep at It!

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