DE razors similar to the Muhle R41

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  1. Here is a request for advice from the DE experts out there.

    I’ve been using the Muhle R41 exclusively for the past 3 months. Before that I used the Merkur 34C and then the EJ 89L. However, since I’ve gotten the R41, I can’t go back! I revisited the 34C recently but got less than optimal results. (Not saying the 34C and 89L aren’t great in their own right but they just don’t work that well for me)

    Now, I am looking to go back out there and look for a new razor. I am willing to fuel the RAD, so please enable me :)

    Ideally, I’d like something similar to the R41 in terms of aggressiveness and heft.

    All suggestions are welcome and appreciated!
  2. I would be intrested to know if there is such a beast.
    IMO there is no such thing, the closest similar to a R41 is a straight rather than another DE.
    The guard in a R41 is redundant as I shave with the head rather than the guard, the entire blade is on your skin and its upto you to control the touch.
  3. You might try cranking up the number on a Futur and see how that works for you.
  4. +1 Futur.
  5. The Titan H1 from Above The Tie.
  6. Try the H1
  7. Yea, after today's shave I think . . . no, I know that the H1 has bumped the R41 out of my rotation. It's just as efficient but a much smoother shave than the R41. Only barrier to entry obviously is the price compared to the R41.
  8. Fatip/Joris is a little milder but still efficient

    Futur can be dialed up to draw blood if you want.

    37c and 39c slants are VERY mild but efficient

    Classic shaving Cobra is not more aggressive but it is more efficient than my R41 (at least on my beard)
  9. I'm quoting from memory but the R41 has an effective cutting angle ranging from 15-75 degrees.
    does the H1 have a greater cutting angle than that or is there another definition for aggression?
  10. I would say that a Joris or FaTip would be similar in needing to keep your attention and wits about you. Or a straight.
  11. +1 Great suggestions, here!
  12. Thanks! Great suggestions!

    I have a Dovo straight and also a couple of feather straights. However, I tend to reserve them for weekend use.

    I will check out the suggested razors. On first glance... the H1 or Fatip might be what I am looking for!

    Thanks again... :)
  13. What I'm considering is getting a few different handles for my R41, that way I can change the "razor" but keep the same razor head.
  14. Titan H-1 and the Futur, the later of which has pretty much become my only razor and I find it gives R41 results on 4 but it's much smoother, it's fairly heavy though (123g) so may exceed your heft requirement.
  15. I just used one of my Gillette Old Type razors today after not visiting them for a long time.

    VERY NICE....

    Quite efficient tools


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