DE razor in baby oil?

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  1. Hello i am just wondering if it is ok to leave a de razor dipped in baby oil after use to prolong the life of a blade?
  2. It's NOT worth the effort because:

    • price of blades is reasonable enough
    • too much trouble trying to clean oil off the blade
    • obvious risk to slicing open your fingers doing the above
    • no proven benefit, modern DE blades are coated to resist rust
  3. +1 Really, how long do you plan on keeping that in use blade?
  4. The baby oil will not harm your razor, but it will not prolong the life of your blade either, so why do it ?? And as mentioned above it could get messy when cleaning the oil off :cursing:

  5. I can't see any harm in trying it. I also don't see any reason to clean it after the dip, just rinse it. We lather up our faces with loads of oily lather, so what little babyoil that is left on the blade after a quick rinse, probably will not have any negative effect at all.

    On the other side, the blades are stainless steel and do not last more than a week tops, I have never seen any rust on my used blades. My recommendation is to try it and see if you notice any difference, but i do not think you will.

    I know that a few people dip their razors in rubbing alcohol after use. This not only displaces water, but also disinfects the razor. It's easier and less mess.
    However, for my self, I don't see any need for anything other than a good rinse and a hefty shake after use.
  6. This will only work if you put the blade and oil inside a pyramid!

    Remember when this was advertised to keep blades sharp forever because of the vortex power or some such?:thumbdown
  7. With the cost of blades I'd wonder if its worth doing? Nothing wrong with doing it however, but you're only saving a couple of pennies at the most. :sad:
  8. The simplest way I found to prolong the life of DE blade was to remove it from the razor after each shave; rinse clean with water; carefully hold blade by short, non shaving side and bend it back a little and release to flick any water droplets stuck to the surface. After water has been dispersed carefully set the blade aside where it won't be disturbed until next shave, or if storage is a problem place it back into razor head trying to minimize its contact with water. This worked well for me, kept the blades from rusting after 1 or 2 shaves and stayed sharper for longer.
  9. There is absolutely no reason to dip the blade in oil. Blades are coated and don't rust. The easiest way to save your blades is to skip every other shave or don't shave at all.

  10. If you really want to disinfect your blade/razor and are worried about rust, a baby food jar with barbicide will work. Barbicide comes in an anti-rust formula and dries "clean".
  11. +1 I like that idea.
  12. when my blades get rusty i use them on my nose hairs...
  13. How do you get the blade up there???:001_huh:
  14. gearchow

    gearchow Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I suppose a twisting motion...


  15. water is the real long-term enemy of blade sharpness. simply flicking off any excess water from the blade can help. oil can also help to displace water, but it does create its own problems.

    for a while, i used a product called "razor guard" with my cartridge razor blades.

    it was basically a clear oil with some added moisturizing agents and a peppermint scent. after shaving, you stored your razor head-down in a plastic reservoir of the oil, with the head itself submerged.

    it worked, but it was also messy and hard to clean. given the larger size of a DE razor head, i imagine the mess would be even greater.

  16. I do almost the same thing, but use a jar of alcohol. I don't know if it does anything, but it's cheap and takes about 5 seconds.
  17. For the price of that "razor guard" stuff you could buy 100-200 blades. After my shave I take the blade out, rinse and wipe down the razor, hand-strop the blade to get any gunk off the edge, replace and store. My blades get tossed after 2-3 shaves. I see no point in risking cuts and irritation to squeeze an extra shave or two out of a 10 cent blade.
  18. A simple and cost effective means of drying off your blades is to simply dip the head of the razor and blade into alcohol. It displaces the water, disinfects the blade and dries in seconds. I have a container with seal that holds the alcohol in my shave den.
  19. If you are going to pitch the blade after a couple of shaves, why even bother to take it out and hand strop it? If you don't get more than 2 or 3 shaves from a blade, I'd suggest finding a different blade.

  20. I use any one of 6 different blades in a rotation of razors. I find that anything over 2-3 shaves with any blade requires extra passes or more touchups to get the same result. Bottom line is that I enjoy a shave with a fresh blade and luckily blades are cheap and disposable. YMMV.

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