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  1. Hi all,

    Today my Slim Adjustable I bought from Maher on the BST forum arrived, just before I was planning to shave. :rolleyes: Gave it a quick cleaning, which wasn't really necessary, as it didn't improve anything as far as I could see.
    Now, about the shave itself: well, it wasn't really a good shave, but it wasn't too bad either. The big problem is: I just don't have any feeling of what I'm doing, some strokes I was apparently just wiping the lather off with the safety bar, on other I was shaving pretty decent, and I even had some pretty rough strokes. There's still some stubble left, but I'm quite presentable and strange enough, I don't have any razor burn, even though I thought I went waaay too rough on my neck area.
    I know the rules: no pressure, blade angle, and just take it easy! If I knew what was right, and what was wrong I could pay attention to the bad points, but I just have absolutely no clue if I'm doing it right, I'm just shaving away... :nonod:

    Any opinions/advice on this?
  2. Have you watched mantic59's videos on YouTube? He has some where he shows how to exactly shave with a DE.
  3. Yes, I did watch them. On a simple N-S pass on my cheeks, I can check the blade angle in the mirror, but on other parts/directions it's not that easy...
    I made it through, and most of the stuble was gone, but I just didn't feel like I was in control of the razor.
    Could the setting of the Slim adjustable be one of the causes? I set it to 2 for my first shave.
  4. Try "3". "2" is probably a little too mild.
  5. for me i look for a sucking type feeling as i am shaving like the blade is sticking to my cheek, that has helped me get a little closer
  6. I am new to DE shaving too. The thing I noticed right away is the fact I could hear what the blade was doing. Though I could feel it too, the main thing was the sound. It told me if I was holding the shaver at the right angle.
  7. Luc

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    +1 on the advices above.

    If you get a few patches, your angle changed. Make sure that you are shaving without any movements from your wrist.
  8. You can only learn by doing. Don't be afraid to push it a bit, you learn the most from your errors than your successes!
  9. DSB


    Do you own stock in a styptic pencil company, gone down south?:lol:

  10. Nope, skin grafts! :eek::eek:
  11. Second shave today, well thanks to some of the tips here it was certainly better. I suspect I'll have some razor burn tomorrow because I forgot not to apply pressure on some parts, but the feeling while shaving was certainly better.
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    Sounds like progress - thanks for the update!
  13. Practice makes perfect, After a few weeks it will be second nature and you will start suffering RAD. Well, maybe not suffering! :biggrin:

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