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  1. I have been DE shaving since last December. I have an Edwin Jagger DE89L which I have mastered to great results. I shave 3 times a week. But now 6 months in, I am getting a bit restless! I am thinking about getting another razor for the hell of it. A Merkur 34C HD is on my mind because of it's popularity and craftsmanship but it has been compared to be quite similar to the DE89L as they are both closed comb razors. I only want to stay with 2 or 3 piece non adjustable razors at this stage of the game.

    The 3 questions that plague me the most on this dilemma are:-

    1. Would I be wasting my time buying the Merkur 34C HD with the idea of getting even better shaves than the DE89L?
    (Ok, the EJDE89L could get damaged and why not have another classic to keep it company in the den?)

    2. Would I be better off going for an older version of the Muhle R41 open comb which will be a new challenge?
    (It's fun to try new techniques and tools in this life)

    3. Should I bite the bullet and go for the juggler (no pun intended!) and get myself the new 2011 Muhle R41 the ultimate open comb?
    (Face my fear of the Samuri's sword and conquer it!)

    I appreciate any constructive answers gents!

    Regards, A.
    (The DE dilemma man at the razor crossroads)
  2. Well, if you've got an itch for something completely different, you could go for a will give you a similar challenge as the R41 at 1/2 the cost. But if you're looking for something a little more aggressive than the DE89, then the Merkur would be a good choice. I have the 38c barber pole and it's a great razor. It's more aggressive than the EJ, but it's not out for blood like the R41. It's completely manageable, so it might be a great next step.
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    Go crazy, try the R41 2011.....
  4. You could go for a slant... Or even pick up a vintage razor like Fatboy.
  5. +1 on the slant. It would be very different than what you have and once mastered give great shaves. I would never try to talk anybody out of getting a HD, it is by far my favorite DE, but although I have never used a EJDE89 I understand that they shave pretty similar to the HD (the HD is a bit more aggressive?)....... Or you could pick up a Gem real cheap and give SE's a try!
  6. THE MÜLHE R41

    I heard a lot about the R41 over the last few weeks. It is surely the most talked abut razor on the market at the moment and there are some very contrasting reviews. Some say it's the best razor ever while some say it's a pirana waiting to bite and draw lots of blood! Well, curiosity certainly started to bite away at me over the last few days. I took my time to make a decision, I read every scrap of information on it, finally I pressed the button, and here it is today in my hand, rather promptly thanks to Firstly, it looks amazing and it feels like pure quality.
    I couldn't keep my eyes off it until I loaded it with an Astra SP, then it looked like a natural born killer!

    I hit the shower, prepped up and scrubbed up and I could see it waiting by the sink through the foggy shower unit perspex. I couldn't help thinking 'What if this goes wrong, I'm only DE shaving since December". I stood in front of the sink and lathered up and I applied Proraso green using my new Semogue 830 Boar brush. I took a deep breath. This was it, I was ready.
    I began my first WTG pass, slowly and with extreme caution. This beast was loud and I knew there was a sharp blade against my skin during every second of the shave. I finished the first pass in absolute amazement for I had no nicks, cuts or burn and I was left with a BSS! Surely I was dreaming? One pass BSS? Ok, I did a little touch up under my chin but that was it. I never before had a shave this close. I have been using an EJ DE89L and while it is superb, you do need three passes and a sharp blade to get a BSS but the Mühle R41 is definitely closer and takes less time.

    I feel now that this is the razor for me. It an amazing piece of engineering by Mühle. I am so glad I bought it now. Listening to all the talk I felt it would be a challenge and I feel every man should have one! I will carry this around with me for the rest of the day to show people, the greatest razor in the world today, minus the blade of course!

    Yours, a very happy man, with a very smooth face!

  7. Just to be different than everyone else, look for an old Gillette OC, they give a great shave and can be found for a song in the right places. My single ring is amongst my top 5 razors with my New Improved being my favorite by far.
  8. +1. You know you want to. :wink:

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