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  1. I'm wondering if there are any general guidelines for choosing blades to experiment with. For instance are there any particular brands that seem to work well with certain razors (Merkur 33C) or certain beard types (coarse) or is it all just a crapshoot? Any specific suggestions for blade sampler packs would be appreciated.

    BTW, I've just switched to a Merkur 33C after nearly 20 straight years shaving with a Gillette Sensor. I’m using Bigelo (Proraso) cream and the Merkur blade that came with the razor. I'm not getting a very close shave, but I'm not getting nicked either and I really enjoy the experience. The only blades I have are Persona blades from Wal*mart, so by default I'll switching to those next, but I want to get some others ordered and on the way in case the Personas don't work for me.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I grabbed the big one at West Coast Shaving, and the variety is, well, amazing. I've barely made a dent in it.

    Hope it Helps,
    -- Chet
  3. Welcome to B&B!!

    +1 on the sample pack - you need to try them yourself because experiences vary widely. Plus, remember that early on you'll have a lot of things changing and what might be thought of as bad blade now will become much better later.

    Good shaves to you!
  4. Welcome to B&B!

    I agree on the sampler pack. Enjoy your shaves!
  5. Thanks all. Sounds like my next stop will be West Coast Shaving!

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    Another recommendation for the sampler pack here. Another word of advice- save the feather blades for when you have more experience because they are super sharp.
  7. as above another +1 on the sample pack of blades mate. Your shaves will probably improve with time and practice aswell. It took me about 2 weeks to consistently get DFS from my merkur 34G.
  8. Welcome to B&B !!
  9. ... and I confess that it's one I'm wrestling with right now. I've been sticking to the Shark Super Chromes for the past few weeks, mostly because that's what came with the Parker 91r I started with, and I've now settled on the 40's superspeed but stayed with the same blade. I do plan on sticking with the superspeed for awhile, but I'm not aware of any suggested order to move through the numerous and diverse options available to me from my own sample pack.

    There are roughly 15-20 choices ahead of me.

    It may have been asked in the past (please refer to any relevant prior thread, if it's already been laid out), but is there any order of selection that might be worthwhile? Since I know what the Sharks are like (and they give me a decent shave), I bought 50 more so that I could return to them and compare, down the road. Is it really just a dartboard selection? Do you try a new one for a week and return to a known favorite for a couple days for comparison?

    I realize that it's ultimately up to the individual, but if there were certain characteristic blade groupings I could use, that might give me more of a categorical approach to use, over hit-or miss? I'm thinking that there might be groups based on coatings, metallurgy, razor type, stiffness/flexibility, edge description and perhaps others.

    Perhaps I'm thinking about this in too much of an analytical frame, but I'm starting to think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all this.:scared:

    -- Chet
  10. How do you guys keep track of which blades you like? I have the sampler pack and frankly, I can't tell THAT much one from the other!
  11. Some people can list out blades in order of sharpness or smoothness or forgiveness, but honestly you might as well pick them out at random. Everyone reacts differently and someone else's list will have little bearing on how you experience the blades.
  12. Go here:

    Select on "Category Tools" the options Author or Member rating. BTW Sharks are quite highly rated and all round good blades. Many of the other blades are less sharp and if you have a rough beard many of the blades will just drag. Iridiums & Feathers are a bit sharper as an example on the other end.
  13. Yet another vote for the sampler pack here! The one from West Coast Shaving got me started, but there are other excellent vendors offering sampler packs, too.

    Blades are very personal. It's hard to tell what will work for you until you try them out.

    Also, your taste in blades is going to change after you shave for awhile, get some experience and work on your technique. The blades you prefer at the beginning will probably change over time.

    So don't worry about it too much. Get a big sampler and work your way through it. You'll have fun.

    The other factor here will be your curiousity. Even if you get recommended the perfect blade for you and you get great shaves, part of you will be itching to know what other blades are like. A sampler will take care of that.
  14. +1 with sampler idea. i've only tried a derby and a red pack IP (much better), but am working to try a third blade soon. it's fun!

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