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    Just a hand full of badgers.

  2. Those critters are so cute they hurt to look at.
  3. +1

    I'm shaving with my boar tonight.
  4. "Buy the Muhle Silvertip Fibre synthetic! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!"
  5. You sure? :001_tongu

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  6. D'oh!
  7. I see what you did there sir!
  8. I laughed, again.
  9. Don't turn your back on them.
    The hands are what's left over from their dinner.
  10. Jim

    Jim Moderator

  11. +1
  12. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    Dibs on the silvertip.
  13. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    best laugh of the day so far! thank you!
  14. I just convince myself that the hairs are humanely plucked from their little bodies.
  15. Mushroom, Mushroom

  16. Ill see and raise ya
  17. do they kill them really? The Badgers I mean, I know they kill bacon. Dem critters are cute!
  18. Rudy Vey

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    I see a number of beautiful brushes down the line:001_wub:....when they young they are all cute:001_tt1:, but when they are growing up, they can be nasty critters:scared:. The benefit of boar is brush and bacon (or as we say "B&B":001_tt2:)
  19. When I first started learning about brushes, I thought to myself: "Who's the poor dumb sonofagun that has the crummy job of shearing badgers on the badger farm?" :wink2:

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