Darwin Deluxe DE set

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Jake, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Finally acquired my 1st Darwin Deluxe -- what a beautiful & hefty razor. The case is a little funky but the razor cleaned up great. Wonder why they stopped making these deco designed razors. But glad they made some so we can own, display, shave with them. Great shavers they are too.

    What a classy design for this razor.


    And just to show the Deluxe is pretty much a standard size DE razor -- as opposed to the several other smaller versions of the Darwin -- I compare it to the British made Rocket HD.
  2. reminds me of a chess piece.

  3. Great razor congrats Jake. Beautiful photos as always, like I could just reach over and pick it up off my screen.
  4. Uniquely beautiful!
  5. Very, very cool! Thank you for taking pictures and sharing!
  6. Nice Jake, I have been trying to get my Hands on one of those, Wish i was you for a few :thumbup1:

    Thanks for Sharing that Beauty.
  7. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    i been looking for one too, how do u compare the shave to?
  8. Man that is absolutely gorgeous.
  9. Agreed always on the look for a deal on a darwin, yeah right few hundred bucks would be a deal... I was wondering the same thing how does its shave? Any reference?
  10. That looks sweet! It looks heavy, should just float through a shave.
  11. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Thanks Gents. Will try a few more shaves before offering comparisons, but initially it seems to be in a class all its own.
  12. That is not only gorgeous, but the head design makes me think that it could be the grandfather of the R41. Love it!!!
  13. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    Jake, is that class mild, aggressive, or lil of both?
  14. Jake, that is simply unbelievable! Great photos too.

    I shouldn't have one of these. I can see me turning into an emaciated, creepy figure saying over and over "my precious, my precious..."
  15. R41 inspired by Darwin?
    Gorgeous razors.
  16. x2. looks very unique
  17. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Not too aggressive & not very mild. No chance for nicks & very effective. I'll have some comparisons later.
  18. I want one :crying::crying::crying:
  19. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    But you've got a great collection even without a Darwin. And so many rare birds among them.
  20. Very nice Jake!

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