Darn it, missed a Darwin again on Ebay......

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by alex2363, May 27, 2012.

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  2. very expensive ^^ and i cant understand where the love for this razors came from? is there any special history or something liek that behind the razor?
  3. Hand made of colbalt steel in small numbers and shooting up in value..............and they shave well I am told
  4. alex2363

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    what he said
    rare, great shavers, and both combinations brings out both collectors and users (thats me).....
  5. Prices have actually been pretty stable. They were often going for more several years ago. $300 range is a decent price for this rare razor.
  6. Alex saw that one too. But had my eye on something else. Out of interest even if yoy have a snipe wont a max bid always win?
  7. rare? i see that this razor pop up once or twice a month... definitly not a common razor like a tech but not as rare as an eclipse...
  8. Sure about that? I have only seen a couple in the last year and a half. True there has been a flurry recently with 2 full sized Darwins in the last month but typically it is months between the auctions on ebay even checking all the international sites.
  9. This only the second one I have seen too and I know who got the one a few weeks a go (not me) and I do look for them?
  10. Anyone know the overall weight and handle length?
  11. yes im sure... you cant miss that design... besides for me the design is one of the most *&%$* i ever saw :) i probably saw 10 up to 15 darwins on the bay last year. i'm not familiar with special types cause for me a darwin is a darwin :)
  12. little to pricey for me, but i hope you get one, one of these days :a53:
  13. alex2363

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    I may have to go 350 plus it seems.

    yes, but i dint max out at 350 like i shoulve.

    3 eclpise went on
    ebay at under 200 last 1 week. but the Darwins at this point are being gobbled up so the price is going up.

    Darwins are not mass produced like the Eclipse were, they are hand made and in less masses.

  14. alex2363

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    so i guess u dont like them?
  15. Sure the highest number entered will always win. Though sniping avoids bidding wars, where multiple people keep increasing their max bid. On a Darwin, there would definitely be a bidding war.
  16. A Darwin is.........a Darwin. Until you shave with one and have the "well I'll be damned" moment, it's gotta sound like crazy hype. Yep, I'm a user.:thumbup1:
  17. yup i will never bid on it :D
  18. Well, damn. Fire the snipe! Next time Alex.
  19. alex2363

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    Fire as in [​IMG] ?

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