dark reds and blues with a lot of shading

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    I write mostly with fine nibs on fairly cheap paper, so subtle shading often doesn't come through, and some of the inks with a lot of shading tend to show the lighter colors more predominantly. I'm going to be experimenting with some more nib sizes and styles in the future but as a left handed writer f nibs are the most trouble free for me. A good example is Noodler's golden brown, shading is evident in pretty fine nibs but the line is more of a gold color in the same with brown low-lights at the starts and stops. I'd like some dark Burgundy reds or red-blacks and blue-blacks that will show shading but look fairly dark over all on the page. I want inks that leave a reserved impression of color on the page for signatures and brief personal notes related to work. I'm considering some of the black swan inks for reds but don't want to waste my time if they come over all pink and mauve on a white page in a fine nib. Any suggestion are appreciated.
  2. I have had really good shading, seriously the shading almost jumps out and smacks you in the face, with my Safari f nib running Private Reserve Tropical Blue. Even with the name Tropical Blue it isn't that light a shade of blue.
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    Sailor Sei-Boku blue/black ... it's what I am using right now in my Sailor XXF nib, and it still comes out a respectable blue/black on cheap white paper. I'd say it's worth a Goulet sample ...
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    Is that the the nano pigmented?

    Never mind I see that it is - that's one I've been looking at other ideas are still welcome when I get a couple options I'll do a sampler to see what I like best.
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