Dark Circles Under Eyes

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  1. I have really awful looking dark circles. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
  2. Most topicals don't help too much with this however the best thing I have seen is Menaji 911 eye gel. Its a solid product
  3. I've tried to get rid of mine for years, then I noticed my father has them, my brother and even my sister. At least in my case they're part of my genes.

    There are a couple of things you can do though. It sounds trivial, but: drink enough water, get enough sleep, get some excercise and plenty of fresh air. A mild tan and a clean, proper shave every day has worked wonders - the circles are still there, but people rarely notice when otherwise you look healthy and fresh.
  4. I know it has to do with tiredness, drinking, sleeping, etc but I do wonder if those eye roll-on things work? I haven't used one so maybe someone else can share their experience.
  5. I have read that fashion models use a quick smear of haemorrhoid cream. Really!

  6. I use a clinique cream, but only on those days when I film. other than that I dont care
  7. Oh boy :001_huh:
  8. Why not? Those creams just reduce swelling temporarily, it's the same effect no matter where you apply it.
  9. It's just the thought of it. And I didn't know dark circles were swollen skin.
  10. I also believe that genetics is to be blamed in a number of cases, with respect to the dark circles. It holds in my case for sure, too. Also, great advice as to compensating for the under-eye darkness and taking alleviating measures.

    except in those case where they are going for that "heroin chic" look. :online2long:
  11. I suspect they use a different tube depending where they use it!

  12. Less late nights and alcohol
  13. "F" that!?! I suppose you're gonna tell me "less heroin" too?

    When I learned what "normal" people use Witch Hazel for I started rubbing it under my eyes and the rest of my face. My Wife already says it has smoothed my face. Can't hurt, right?
  14. Stop spending so much time in front of the PC.
  15. But that's where B&B is!

    I've always had dark circles. I had them even before I started elementary school. Wish they'd go away, but at this point I don't think they will
  16. In all seriousness, early to bed, early rise, more outdoors time, less indoors time, less time behind the wheel, cut out TV if you can, less PC time, more fresh fruit and veg and freshly prepared food, cut out processed food and junk food. You'll be amazed at what a difference it will make.

    I used to suffer from the same but we all altered our lifestyles a few years ago. Quitting the desk job and the traveling was the best thing I did (I have a more active work life now). You won't find pizzas, burgers, fajitas, donuts, cookies, processed cereals or any other ready meal or processed food in our freezer or fridge or in our cupboards ever. Chocolate and candy only as occasional treats and bought as and when. Lots of fresh fruit around for people to snack on, fresh veg and salads. Natural breakfast cereals (i.e. whole grain derivative with nothing added such as extra sugar), "Healthy" burgers and sausages prepared by our local butcher as an occasional treat. No fries or cooking oil kept here (these are a treat if we eat out). Alcohol only once or twice a week and in moderation. No fizzy pop or coca cola but plenty of fruit juice cartons. No chips and meat pies for snacks, more healthy sandwiches.

    The kids have adjusted well and enjoy the lifestyle, and have got to the way of thinking now that they will ignore donuts and similar sugary sticky things and coke when offered to them an instead search out fruit or healthy snacks and fruit juice.

    The TV only goes on if there's something we really want to watch. If the weather's good the family is out and about outdoors as much as possible. We play lots of outdoor games and activities.you can, less PC time, more fresh fruit and veg and freshly prepared food, cut out processed food and junk food. We spend at least an our doing some form of activity every evening. During the summer as soon as everyone finishes work / school we go off doing something most evenings.

    Even if the dark rings don't go, more activity and outdoors time will make them less noticeable.
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  17. Thanks for the help gents! All very helpful replies.

    Let me just state that I have had these dark circles since I was a little kid but sometimes they are more noticeable. I do have a desk job right now (which I don't like), it sucks sitting at a computer desk for 8 hours with the the stupid bright white lights shining down at you. I have sensitive eyes too, which I think I need to get checked by a doctor. They always turn red by the end of the day even if I got 8 hours of sleep the previous night.

    I do not drink alcohol at all but there are times where I am sleep deprived, as I've gotten older it seems like it's harder to fall asleep :(. Stuck in a bad habit now where I cannot sleep until 2 AM.

    Also, I don't think I drink enough water so I will definitely focus on more water. How many liters of water should I be having per day?

    So basically going to be more water, cucumber under eyes sometimes, a lot of cold water splashes couple times a day and a better lifestyle. Will see how things go from there and re-evaluate after a month or two.
  18. Part of my previous job was welfare and management consultancy so I have studied all of this.

    You need to try and break your habit of sleep as that is what is affecting you. You CAN break the routine but it needs to be gradual and takes self discipline. Try to aim to get to bed absolutely no later than 11pm.

    Take your evening meal around 6pm if you can. If you don't eat until say 8pm, it will affect your ability to get to sleep as your belly is full and digestion is slower later in the evening.

    No coffee or caffeine after 6pm.

    Physical exercise in the evening makes sleep easier.

    Do something in the evening which takes your mind off other things and helps you unwind.

    A hot milky drink before going to bed is supposed to contain chemicals that aid sleep (read this in a management book once but can't remember the details)

    Short breaks during away from the workstation during the working day are essential and are a recognised requirement in all management training. You need to stretch your legs and rest your eyes every now and then.

    Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are important to allow employees to unwind and refocus ready for returning to the workplace. The longer someone carries on working without any break, concentration and productivity goes down, and they are more likely to make mistakes.

    Go outside, stretch your legs and get some fresh air and daylight during your lunch break, even if only for a few minutes.

    I get up at 5.30 to 6 and go to bed at 10pm (except when I'm on a night out). I start work usually at 7am and finish at 4pm. I work for myself so I can set my own hours.

    I know if you work for a company it's not as easy - they will probably want you there from 9 to 5.

    If you need to work late, instead of staying after hours, try and leave on time and come in extra early in the morning to catch up - you will be more productive.

    If you absolutely must stop late on an evening and getting in early the following morning isn't possible, then take a 20 minute break at normal finishing time before starting again. Don't take work home. Stay late or come in early to do it. Keep work and home life separate.

    The most productive time of the day for work is reckoned to be the morning.
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  19. well it contain witch hazel. so save time and just apply some before bed. i was doing it for a while since i also have dark circle but skip a few night out since i forgot to apply it.

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