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  1. This is a lucky ebay find for basically pocket change. Fuzzy pics and few bidders. When it came in I saw it had no hone wear and is scaled in ivory. This is not my first straight scaled in ivory, it is unmistakable. The scales are clean, thin, and grained as ivory should be. But look closely at the pins, they are atypical for ivory, they have small washers. Has anyone else seen this? It's a first for me.

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  2. nice
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    I've never seen ivory pinned with washers.
  4. I think it is ivory myself but the pinned washers are abnormal. The scales are homemade (custom)I think. Pins don't match. Very nice blade. Congratulations.
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  5. That's my guess also, a repin or rescale sometime in its past. What you see as grind marks are my application of thick oil with a foam brush from spine to edge, the pitting is actually dust trapped in the oil. There's light staining on the toe but otherwise the blade is pristine. The tang stamping is deep, clean and clear with no evidence of pitting or corrosion. The ebay seller is a junk dealer with no history of razor sales. There was no mention of the scale material in the sale ad, the pics were fuzzy the discription was brief and the purchase by me was a total, inexpensive, shot in the dark. Odd.
  6. My apologies Very nice. I love Swedish steel.

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