CVS 50% off their brand products- coupon code

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    Their carbon steel SE blade is not bad at all.
  2. CVS branded DE blades are house branded American Safety Razor Treet brand blades. Sometimes you can find Treet branded and CVS branded hanging together on the same peg. Last time I was in CVS they had 2 Treet SE cartons mixed in with the CVS branded ones and I grabbed them instead of the CVS brand. Same packaging, different cardboard backing.

    Thanks for the coupon discount code...
  3. I really like the CVS brand SE blades. When cared for properly, they can provide multiple comfortable shaves from a single blade.
  4. Can you use this code in the store?
  5. $1.90 for a 10 pack of SE blades in a vault is a great value!

    $5.50 shipping isn't too bad if you're buying a bunch.
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