Cut myself bad this morning

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  1. Wasn't paying attention when cleaning my razor and sliced my thumb open a little. Blood everywhere.
  2. Welcome to the club...
  3. yup, it happens. sterilize it, wrap it, drive on
  4. Yep. Lesson number 1. Don't clean the razor with a blade in it.
  5. Seems to be one of the most common injuries, even with straights.
    Heal well!
  6. I came within a cat's whisker of doing the same thing with my straight a little while back while I was wiping the blade down with tissue paper. The blade cut through the paper and into my thumb; if I didn't have such thick callouses on my finger tips, I would've bled like a stuck pig. Sliced fairly deep into the callous though.
  7. ALWAYS have alum block or something to wrap tight..I did something similar just under my chin going in a left to right direction..started sweating as usual..didnt like he razor n sweat combo..gotta nice cut..Alum block saved me..closes the wound quick as it is a "salt rock" or Aluminum Rock
  8. If on hand/body...

    1) Wash with Anti-Bacterial Soap
    2) If bleeding not stopped, apply pressure/hold with something absorbent
    3) Apply a product such as Neosporin, Tea Tree Oil, etc.
    4) Cover with a bandage
    5) Cherish joining a club of which men throughout history have been members.

    If the cut is on your face, then the process is different and involves wetting a Styptic Pencil and applying to wound, which will essentially seal the cut.
  9. Ouch! Dang!
  10. You are talking about the razor, right? ;-)
  11. Yes, many of us have experienced the same incident. Those cuts happen so fast but as long as nothing has to be reattached you should heal up just fine - speaking from experience.
  12. I feel your pain. Got plenty of scars to prove it.
  13. I am really nervous then when I have been shaving for more then just a month, that I am going to get to comfortable and do something like this. Scary.
  14. My sentiments exactly. Slosh it in the sink, or under the faucet, shake out the majority of the water, then hang it up to dry. Saves bloodletting...
  15. Lesson 1A: If selling a razor, make sure to remove the razor blade inside. I recently received a package and the razor was wrapped up extensively-- while trying hard to get through all the internal packaging, I came extremely close to a bad cut as it had a razor blade inside and the adjustable set at a #9. I spent a moment wondering if I did actually cut myself, but it seemed to only graze me.

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