Customized ER 1924's

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  2. I had seen those on the 'bay and thought they where beautiful. Too bad my initials are AC and not AM :blush:
  3. Those are really nice, I'll be curious to see if anyone spends that much for them.
  4. They look nice but not 100 bucks nice, also it would of been Helpful if only one had AM and the Other PM :tongue_sm
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  5. That's the goofy seller who doubled his prices after they failed to sell first go-around. He had a Damaskeene for $35 that failed to it's listed for $75! Same same with these custom headed razors. They were listed at $50 I believe first time around. I can't wait to see his prices if these fail to sell.
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  6. I had actually shot him a message on eBay about that since he has a make offer button. To paraphrase what I wrote, "I would have made you an offer of $20 for the Damaskeene, but now that you have more than doubled the price after re-listing I doubt you would take it."
  7. I may have actually been the one to set him off. Right after his Damaskeene didn't sell, I sent him an offer of $30 which I thought was a good offer given I bought others for $12. He wrote me a short note that all items had been relisted. When I looked I was taken aback by the price increase.

    So, it should be interesting if he responds to your message, and what he says.
  8. Doing that kind of work today would be easy to do with a laser cutter.
  9. Zilch, Nada, Nothing. I am not surprised. Sellers like this have no moral or ethical ground to stand on.
  10. I have a similar razor, so I wonder what makes this a prototype besides the "gold plating"?

  11. Lou, I don't see any etching on the head of ur 1924. Did u attach the wrong pic? I would love to see more of these etched heads if people have them.
  12. The way I read the blurb in the ad, "2 Vintage One of a kind, Gold Ever-Ready Safety Razors. These razor came from the estate of a gentleman that worked for the American Safety Razor Company, they are both prototype razors that never went into production.", the implication was that razors were gold prototypes that never went into production. I would imagine ASR couldn't manufacture personalized razors with initials. I also wonder if they are indeed gold plated, as I thought ASR never made gold plated razors, just gold tone razors.
  13. I took it to mean that they were prototypes of the customization concept. Whether or not that's true or complete hogwash, I couldn't say. The razors themselves just look to be standard 1924-styles, which were clearly production models.

    I do have a 1924-style that was given away by Sears & Roebuck with an inscription on the head, but that was simple stamping and not a pierced design:

  14. Pulling a photo over for posterity:

  15. @ Daniel Offer him $150.00 Maybe he will respond, "i'll think about it" :tongue_sm
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    I like the one that is just a design. Seems well executed, it's not just a cutout, but also engraved. Do you think the openings in the head would make enough of a difference that you would feel it in the shave? SEs always seem to me to "suck" to your face (is that surface tension?) with their large, flat surfaces.

  17. It does make sense that they would act like the scallops in a granton blade or the holes in a soft cheese knife, to break the adhesion to your wet face. But I'd be worried about the cut-out elements in the design getting bent slightly over time -- particularly the tips in the leaf/petal motif on the sides -- so that they scratched your face.
  18. I'd say the pair are "lookers" not "users."

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