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  1. Picked this up on ebay on the cheap. good news N.O.S bad, Microtome. unlike others though this is not half wedge half hollow. its like a true wedge but with one side a bit steeper than the other. german steel. very thin blade. gave it a french tip .wood from my woodcraft combo pack. no wedge just thinned the wood and left the wedge area proud. gave it an angle. just like some of the old horn and plastic built in wedge scales ya see. worked the tail to my liking. its a good shaver, and now I can forget it was a microtome. thanks fer lookin. p.s. I got all this great wood and none of its labled. anyone know what this is?

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  2. Legion

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    No, but it sure looks nice.
  3. Nice work.

    Cocobolo ?
  4. Thanks. this wood took a great shine. just sanded to 1200 and polished it with mothers metal polish and paper towel. lil wax after I get some should really set it off.
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    Just be a bit careful. Some of those exotic woods create saw dust which is extremely bad for the lungs. If you are not sure what the wood is make sure you wear a respirator and have dust extraction when you work on it.
  6. Wow. You now have an unique razor with unique scales. That one's a looker. Shoulderless, pointed tang and the french tip mirrors the heel end of the blade. Beautiful work.
  7. very nice razor. love the long tail on it.
  8. UPD


    I'll guess bocote. Looks nice.
  9. Anyone else have an idea what the wood is? Bought this off hillbilly a bit ago and love it.

  10. nice profile
  11. I like it a lot. Nice score.
  12. very nice work
  13. Looks great! No idea on the wood.
  14. hilbilly, I didn't realize you did bladework on this - it looks flawless on the tip and tail! Nice work!
  15. great job savalis!!
  16. Nice work.
    The wood,, I've seen quite a bit of Cocobolo with the sap wood that looks just like that. Just yesterday as a matter of fact as I was shopping for more future scales.
  17. Beautiful! That's a sexy blade/tail shape. Great job!
  18. Seems like the price on cocobolo went up recently?
  19. I bought some about a month ago and the price for the stuff on the shelf had doubled (luckily I got some that was marked with the old price and they had to honor it).

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